Gothic, Risen... ELEX


It’s $22.89 at CDKeys


Hey guys, I just got this and am a little lost. I’ve gotten to the first big village in the game, and was asked to spy on the other factions, which seems a bit too big for me right now, so I wanna find smaller quests…but have no idea how to find them. Any advice?


Elex does not the use the usual “We’ll fill your map with question marks, have fun!” bullshit. Just explore and avoid skulls. It’s not a bad idea to visit the other factions, they usually have some lower level quests available.


Learn to run away lots at the start, that’s how the game is. It becomes satisfying once you can start taking on more of these critters as you advance in levels and weapons.


Half the fun in a Gothic game is trying to find something you can do without dying. Have fun exploring and sneaking around, then even more fun going back around later and murdering everything.


Ohhhhhh, alright, I’ll just go roam around then. Im playing on easy because I no longer have the patience for a “challenge” and just wanna kill shit. ;)

Thanks guys!


Just…talk to everyone?




But then you need to listen to the voice acting and dialog! :-)

Not fair on my part, I haven’t played it so I don’t know if it is as bad as in their other games.


50% off on GOG. Wondering if I should get it. I loved Gothic 2 back in the day, but I tried to play it again recently and I couldn’t get past the controls. I didn’t enjoy Risen and I haven’t tried Risen 2 or 3. I did play Arcania a little bit, but meh.


I couldn’t click with this. I tried to get quests, then do them, and got killed always along the way. Even running away got me killed. I don’t have the patience for that kind of nonsense anymore.


It’s been 50% off a few times. It’ll be cheaper soon enough :)


Good point. Yeah, I can wait. ;)


I’m slogging away at this but it takes too long for you to level up to ‘rather inadequate’ compared to the way you start as ‘completely shit’. I’m talking hours of running away and hoping your companion does the killing for you.
There is a whole lot of good stuff in this game but the enforced siding with one of 3 sides who are all kinda arseholes is making it hard to care.
Also the exposition that goes on and on and on… God, I have skipped through so much that I have no idea what the story is because I do not want to sit through two minutes worth of somnambulistic voice acting every time I click on someone.


I gave up on this in the end even though I put in 30+ hours. Like BrianRubin I just ran out of patience. Somewhere along the way I lost the feeling that what I was experiencing were design choices but just a random load of stuff thrown in.


For what its worth, the cleric faction has the least amount of bullshit required to join their faction. The tree huggers? Fuck them.


I joined the treefucking assbags (as they were lovingly called by Nasty). Yeah it was hard to join, fuck them indeed :)


I went with Clerics. I don’t understand anyone who doesn’t want the pew-pew lasers and powered armor.


I have not yet played this game but yes. I don’t understand how anyone turns down power armor and pew-pew guns.


I still want to play this, but I just know its going to be a humble monthly headliner as soon as I buy it. :|