Gothic, Risen... ELEX


Have you been fighting giant robots yet?


Are the robots vulnerable to melee attacks when they leave the ground? I never tried.


The game has some interesting tidbits in the lore/setting.

The MadMaxian desert bandits that seems have a small twist, instead of being generic Fallout 1 raiders. They are very driven for the profit, they mention profit and profit and profit, how the Duke is the leader because he knows how to make profit, they are in a way hyper capitalists in a post apocalyptic setting, which it kind of makes sense? Hyper capitalism is already survival of the fittest, and greed and ‘me’ over everything else, that attitude fits well into survival focused raiders.

Factions seems to have a bit of history instead of just existing for the playher, which makes them more real. Before Logan the Duke, the previous leader was Baxter, in the Berserkers the leader is missing because he went to a mystical Pilgrimage, the Clerics are missing people because the casualties of the past war with the Berserkers, etc. Little things like that.

I also like how exploring on my own I’ve found answers to things like the World Heart trees from the Berserkers (in the big domes in Tavar you can learn they were doing genetic engineering with plants and how they got something that could absorb radiation, maybe they did it knowing that it would be needed with the Comet arriving), and I also found the truth about the Clerics and their religion. Lol.


I’m in the final part, just a few main quests to finish.

This part, of me doing the rest of the main missions I had pending, is being a slog, as I already explored most of the world and done all the side quests, and the game without the exploration factor falls down a notch or two. Not only that, but the main story is ugh. Who the hell thought it would be interesting to have two bald white men speaking robotically to each other, only to be interrupted by a totally amateurish flashback of two other bald white men speaking robotically to each other (but ‘2 years ago’).
The Hybrid! The directive commands! /falls sleep

Gameplay wise, I’m not happy with the difficulty balance the game has shown. It’s curious because this is a hardcore euro RPG, the kind of game people expects to point out for a defense of no auto level enemies in open world games (in contrast of more mainstream RPG which usually uses a more dynamic system) ; instead the game shows the possible weakness of said systems: the game is too hard for the first 10 hours, it’s fine for 20 hours and it’s too easy for15 hours. So for more than 50% of the total time, the difficulty didn’t feel appropriate.


Those flashbacks are I think the worst I’ve seen in a game since… ever?

I found putting it down rather than powering through kept it as fresh as its early stages, but I know what you mean about the difficulty curve. Conversely combat becomes repetitive so being able to trot straight through it isn’t all bad. It gave me a chance to try all the weapons. I think I also dropped the difficulty towards the end as well, just so every journey wasn’t stalled by 2 Cyclops every 30 ft.


40 hours in and I am still running around in a tank top. Really wish there were more armors that were not tied to joining a faction. Still enjoying it a lot though.


I didn’t join a faction until I’d explored nearly all of the map except Xacor. I think I was about 75hrs in before I joined the Clerics.


Yeah, I want to do all the quests for all factions before joining so I am going on similar trajectory.
I will probably join berserkers because contrary to popular belief, I actually like melee combat here (and in general) and I want their magic, plus they seem like pretty good people. Clerics have best bad ass palading armor but I don’t like their brainwashing stuff, and Outlaws would be my preferred choice if they didn’t focus on guns, I don’t like guns (plus they are building large bomb, no idea what is going on there yet).


Did you get through it?

I enjoyed this game but I hope Elex 2 isn’t just more of the same. I hope they got enough cash from this to make some changes but I’m not super hopeful.

In my grand plan for the EuroRPG, the Technomancer Guys (Spiders I think) and the Two Worlds guys (Reality Pump) have to merge. They both have good art and ok writing, and similar game types. Reality Pump need some help with animation and possibly combat, which Spiders have a reasonable handle on. Spiders need help with map design and their endless slow lumber back and forth through the same corridors. That’s the plan that should get EU funding :)

PB… I’m not sure they have much worth contributing. Best open worlds… maybe? Maybe they could do a better implementation of firearms and contribute that…? Dunno. Anyway, someone make that happen.


Yeah finished it a while back. I liked it a lot. Enjoyed the world exploration, atmosphere, quest design was pretty good, story was ok (not great, not bad). Liked it more than Risen 2 and 3 (though I enjoyed those too). Really appreciated that PB actually took some care with the ending here.

From Spiders I only played Mars War Logs which I uninstalled 4 hours in because it never grabbed me.

From Reality Pump I finished Two Worlds 2, which was quite good over all. But I liked PB games lot more.


Elex at $25 on Steam today…


It’s $22.89 at CDKeys


Hey guys, I just got this and am a little lost. I’ve gotten to the first big village in the game, and was asked to spy on the other factions, which seems a bit too big for me right now, so I wanna find smaller quests…but have no idea how to find them. Any advice?


Elex does not the use the usual “We’ll fill your map with question marks, have fun!” bullshit. Just explore and avoid skulls. It’s not a bad idea to visit the other factions, they usually have some lower level quests available.


Learn to run away lots at the start, that’s how the game is. It becomes satisfying once you can start taking on more of these critters as you advance in levels and weapons.


Half the fun in a Gothic game is trying to find something you can do without dying. Have fun exploring and sneaking around, then even more fun going back around later and murdering everything.


Ohhhhhh, alright, I’ll just go roam around then. Im playing on easy because I no longer have the patience for a “challenge” and just wanna kill shit. ;)

Thanks guys!


Just…talk to everyone?




But then you need to listen to the voice acting and dialog! :-)

Not fair on my part, I haven’t played it so I don’t know if it is as bad as in their other games.