Gothic, Risen... ELEX

Terrible trailer. Why do Piranha games always have bad marketing.

Okay, dear Khorinis connoisseurs, let’s tick off the Piranha Bytes Bingo right in the first paragraph: Ruhrpott humor, rough slogans, different fractions full of rough unsympaths, a dense atmosphere and a hand-built open world around every corner death lurks - Elex 2 doesn’t have any of that!

Piranha Bytes’ new Battle Royale multiplayer throws 100 bandits in … ha, we got you guys. But if you rush straight into the comments with angry gasps and want to degrade your Collector’s Edition cloth card from Risen 3 to a handkerchief in the future, then caress your soul with the following words: Especially long-established fans like you could inspire Elex 2.

Because Elex 2 is more Gothic 2 than Risen 2 . In concrete terms: It primarily continues the strengths of its predecessor instead of breaking with them. It expands instead of revolutionizing. You get a comparable open world, comparable fights, a comparable narrative style and - you guessed it - comparable open-mouth moments.

But before you confuse “conservative” with “boring”: Elex 2 has cool new ideas, an exciting story starting point, new open world areas - and you can now fly with the jetpack! So don’t float, just fly properly. Like Iron Man.

The rough outline: what is Elex 2?

The absolutely most important information first: Yes, there is a chainsaw broadsword again in Elex 2, yeah! Elex 2 plays a few years after its predecessor - and what is bad news for the inhabitants of the game world should please fans again. The world of Magalan still doesn’t get it on the chain to leave its own post-apocalyptic devastation behind. So a mix of dense fantasy forests, weathered skyscrapers and science fiction innovations is waiting for you. Here are the basic facts:

Story and quests

  • You play again as Ex-Alb Jax, but there will be no savegame import from Elex 1. As in Gothic 2, you lose your skills and can decide again which path your non-nameless hero should take.
  • Anyone who has played Elex 1 will know: A new threat hangs over the world. But nobody wants to believe Jax, which is why he fell out with the old factions and went into exile. In Elex 2, he returns from oblivion to convince people of his cause.
  • According to Piranha Bytes, none of their games have had as many dialogues and storylines as Elex 2. By the end of the credits you are busy an average of 60 hours, 100 percent natures naturally need significantly longer - and the factions mean that there is always a high replay value.
  • There will be more than three factions, but the parties still represent certain character classes or weapon types.
  • It is still unclear how many factions are completely new. But we speculate that at least berserkers and outlaws will return.
  • The companion system returns: Jax hires familiar and new companions to accompany him through the rugged wilderness. As part of the quest, there should be significantly more decisions and hard consequences.

Open world

  • Elex 2 offers a new open world that consists partly of old and partly of new regions. The old areas have been changed drastically over the years and by the hearts of the world, but you also travel to completely new areas. So overall like in Gothic 2.
  • Your jetpack not only allows you to float, but you can also jet through the landscape like Boba Fett. But only after a few upgrades.
  • Children are now a part of the play world.
  • The nights in Elex 2 are significantly darker than in the predecessor. But hey, now you’ve got a flashlight for that.

Further gameplay adjustments

  • Little changes in the classes: You can play as a ranged fighter, magician, thug or a mishmash.
  • Because you are now more agile in the air, there is also pure air combat against other flying opponents. So Jax can fight gargoyles at a height of 20 meters.
  • The moral system has been revised: Instead of a cold value for Jax’s emotional state, there is now “creation” and “destruction”. Whoever kills defenseless sheep, for example, increases the destruction value. This new moral system is closely interlinked with the parliamentary groups - more on this below in the article.

Technically, you can see Elex 2’s leap forward, even if you still can’t expect the smoothness of a 1,500-person Ubisoft production, for example, with the animations.

Great! Anything about release date? And what’s the ‘open world innovation that nobody talks about?’

Steam page:


There is no official release date yet.

The fact Gamestar already commented on the animations makes me wince in advance.

Great news, that all sounds fantastic. I just recently finished a playthrough on XSX. Only booted it up to see how it performed on the new console. 80hrs later…

Isn’t the jank an integral part of the Piranha Bytes experience?

That excuse stopped flying cca 2015.

Industry left them in the dust and what they’re putting out now is a straight up embarrassment.

I don’t think this is true. Janky games still sell well in 2021. Necromunda as a recent release comes to mind, and is doing pretty well. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is another that’s still a big hit. Jank can still be endearing in 2021.

That’s a real contemporary example and so true.

I just finished Necromunda and it was janky as hell. One of the jankiest of janky games. Still good fun though.

Pretty sure it’ll be as sleek as Anthem.


It will be a better game than Anthem, at least.

(I enjoyed Anthem. But it will.)

They should have teamed up. Bioware Bytes.

They sell despite the jank, not because of it.


Elex was a jank too far for me. Yes, jank can be endearing but given there is just so much out that is better designed these days why bother?

Pleased to discover the lead Piranha spends some of his time on Journey covers.

I’m so excited to buy this - after it’s been out 6 months and been patched.

My only real gripe against Elex is the level based combat. Take a given weapon, it doesn’t matter what it is. It could be a wooden stick for all you care. At player level 5 against a level 10 enemy, it will not do any real damage. At player level 50, the same wooden stick will one-shot the same level 10 enemy.