Gothic, Risen... ELEX

I enjoyed most of the experience but the last part which consisted of lasers shooting off everywhere, robots flying around etc. was not great. I hope they focus less on the scifi/long range gameplay in part 2.

I love the fact that the head dude is still going since Gothic 1! When you buy Piranha your know what you get and I love em for it. Day 1 purchase for me.

I’d love to know what the other early Piranhas went on to do.

Mike Hoge was working on some scifi RPG called Spacetime, but who knows if that’s ever going to happen (probably not).

While looking at that I found this. Must have a look…

Pff, that video’s not even five hours long.

I just started playing Elex a couple days ago.

It’s amazing how Piranha Btyes is still making the same game for 20+ years. At least the beginning of the game / setup is exactly the same as Risen / Gothic.

Encounter three factions. Join one of them. The melee focused faction always makes first contact and leads you to their base first. Melee combat is wonky. Most things can kill you.

But jetpack!

Which is cool to me because no-one else really makes them. :)

I especially like what they do with NPCs actually caring about you being in their place and nicking their stuff*, and wildlife showing threat displays before attacking, giving you a chance to back off.

*I know Elder Scrolls does this too but it always seems better in Piranha games

It does seem weirdly reminiscent of Anthem that PB decided to go increasingly into jetpacks and aerial combat. I wonder if they and Bioware hired the same market research consultant. The kids dig jetpacks now - trust us…

It was the runaway success of Dark Void. It changed the industry.

Next slug of German info. Off to read!

Same video on Youtube:

Literally the same animations as in the previous game…come on. Get with the times, PB.

You are talking about PB, of course they won’t.

Geez, next you’ll be expecting Egosoft to get with times too! ;)

I want to believe :)

Piranha Bytes: True flying is the new feature everyone will notice, as well as aerial combat. Something that’s not jumping straight into your eyes is the increased density of content throughout the world. Although the game world did not grow compared to ELEX, there is much more to do in ELEX II. And the third most important change was the overhaul of the combat system. The players have more direct control, it’s up to the players to decide how long they raise a sword or a club to intensify an attack – the longer you hold, the harder you hit. That makes it much more dynamic than before. We’ve also overhauled the AI of your enemies and also redone all animations.


I’m not sure about flying. The ease of access it provides to most places normally makes exploration worse so I hope they took this into consideration.

Yeah. We’ll see :) The original Gothics had pretty limited draw distance, which let them pack stuff in, and no navigational aids, which meant we struggled over every step!

I legitimately can’t tell if this is a joke or not.