Gothic, Risen... ELEX

The main complaint I saw with elex 2 was that it was to much like elex 1, so maby thats not a bad choice?

I think peoples first piranha bytes game ends up being their favorite. Mine was gothic 2, with a pirated german version of night of the raven. Others gothic 1, Or even elex 1.

No, Elex 2 is significantly worse than Elex 1. Its last 10-15 hours devolved into boring grind, for one. There is a reason it is lowest selling and rated PB game.

I don’t find old G2 and Archolos to play badly. I played Archolos on controller (even Steam deck) just fine, thanks to Steam Input. It just plays like a third person RPG that it is.

Gothic 2 is one of my top 10 most-loved games ever. I tried G3 and the Risens and the first Elex but never got very far into any of them… they just didn’t recapture the magic for whatever reason. Jank, probably.

I’ve read yesterday that a former colleague played Risen (Steam) on very modern system with a 4090. He wrote it looked surprisingly good with everything at max and it ran fine. It should cost as much as a coffee during the next sale.

IMHO the first Risen is the best compromise between the classic PB gameplay and modern usability expectations.
The game is basically a “best of” Gothic 1 & 2, marrying their gameplay with a good combat system and pretty standard controls. What it lacks is the deep lore behind Gothic and the memorable NPCs. After Gothic 3 came out way too buggy PB switched publishers and decided to play it safe. So they did what works - open world swords & sorcery, Gothic formula, 40 hours length.

Gothic 2 + NotR is my favourite too, but it has PB’s infamous inverted shooter style (press LMB, then choose with WASD) combat controls, and it looks a bit dated.

Elex is an idea too. I found it pretty good for 10 hours, but then I wasn’t in the mood for such slow gameplay.

Would definitely agree with Risen 1 being the best choice to start with, it’s very by the books but would be the most playable.

I think I enjoyed Risen 2 more because I liked the Pirate setting. Don’t recall much of Risen 3 but I’ve got well over 20 hours in it according to Steam so I must have played through a decent part of it.

There was something about Elex that didn’t grab me. I tried multiple times to get into it but couldn’t, maybe it was too slow or the gameplay structure felt so familiar after Risen? Maybe I should give it another chance now.

Risen 1 > Risen 3 > Risen 2

Risen 3 might actually be easier to slide into, but if you want that classic PB feel, definitely 1.

Yeah, I agree, Risen 1 was definitely the best of the series. It was kind of sad that each sequel was worse than the one before it.

Tried Risen 1 today. It is great that THQN went back and updated it to have proper controller support. Looks and runs great.

The core problem with Risen 2 is that apparently the publisher asked PB to keep the option for an episodic release open until a decision has been made. This had massive gameplay implications, for example each island had to be planned as self-contained up to that point.

Risen 3 was a very similar game, just intended to be a full price release from day one. PB iterated on many details, so Risen 3 is just a bit better in every aspect.

Official statement issued from PB.

Sad to see them go. They taught me to love Eurojank.

A couple of them are setting up as Indies. Pithead Studio. German.

Officially closed. :(

RIP. PB always remained true to the Eurojank, and their worlds always had something interesting going on.

Sounds like the new studio will move in a new direction and focus on different kinds of games.

This is sad. While their games were super-janky, I did enjoy them. Elex 2 did start to fall apart in about the half-way point IIRC. Ill miss the Elex world if its gone forever.