Goths, eh?

At 26 years old, shouldn’t Mr. Bower have better things to do than run around making howling noises in a cemetary?

And why would a vampire howl? Isn’t that werewolves?


Maybe he thinks he’s transforming into some kind of vampire-werewolf hybrid ala Underworld.

Their nonsouls are obsidian quagmires of suffering and despair brought together by a mutual hatred of their eternal non-life.

I.E.: Working at Mickey-D’s totally sucks do0d.

More goth goodness (courtesy of the BBC):




Fucking Brits have nothing better to do then dress up as imaginary creatures and run around being homo-erotic scary types.

In America, we cut through all the geeky goth weirdness and just basically shoot each other over minor traffic altercations and a few harsh words in a bar. No need for the drama and pseudo-homosexual flair. Let’s just get to the killin’…

So vampirism is on the rise in the UK. Good to know. I’ll remember to pack garlic, holy water, and a crucifix if I travel there.

You mean you don’t always? :) And remember to bring silver bullets, just in case.

You mean you don’t always? :) And remember to bring silver bullets, just in case.[/quote]

Nope, can’t do that, UK banned private ownership of guns. Why can’t we do that in the US and duplicate the rise in violent gun-related crime?

Huh? Wha? What happened? Sorry, I must have been possessed by the ghost of unMcCullough there for a second. :twisted:

They give every decent black-clad person who likes to skulk around on graveyards a bad name :(

Live action vampire games happen here in the U.S. and people take them pretty seriously. I helped some friends run a game once (as part of a convention). It was scary how far some people take their “roleplaying”. One guy had dental implants (removable, but molded). Others seemed to have mental implants of some sort, and they weren’t removable.