Gotta admit, hands down the cutest Governor candidate ever

She sounds a bit like a libertarian, except for the anti-2nd amendment views.

I’d be interested to see where she stands on drugs, vice, and what her method would be to fix Cali’s power issues.

“guns of mass destruction”, heh.
I wouldn’t vote for her, that’s for sure.

Ah, but would you nail her?

I’d nail her the day she dismantles California’s fascist gun control laws. Hell, I’d eat her out then, too. But on her current platform? I wouldn’t even let her blow me.

Apologies to the ladies in the house.

Ooh! If she wins, won’t the other Chi O’s be proud!!!

Yes ever since the Alpha Centaurians gave us those Fusion Pistols life on Earth just hasn’t been the same. Goddamn them and their guns of mass destruction…

She is really cute. Kinda reminds me of the bachelorette.

It’s not like the governor has any real power. Why not get somebody in office who’s at least nice to look at?? :-)

Yeah, in this age of voter referendums and initiatives, the only real power the California and other state governors have is deciding to figure out which week to name Official State Broccoli week.

But wouldn’t this be so Legally Blonde? I’m sure if she gets a decent marketing campaign going, she could get the horny white male vote, easy. And I could just see it now, Californian’s crowing: “Our governor looks a helluva lot nicer naked than your governor.”

Our governor looks a helluva lot nicer naked than your governor.

Sounds like an interesting Playboy pictorial.

As long as she’s the only governor in it.

They couldn’t make that statement without backing it up, though. :-)

She’s way cute.

Needs a “pics” tab… soon to be followed by a “wishlist” tab…

The flat-tax, pro-choice, gun control, and immigrant bashing. Wierd issue set there.

I dunno, Georgy might offer up some competition in the cuteness department.

  • Alan

Wow, Georgy’s way cuter than Ms. Blonde Generic Chi O.

I swear, it’s been since old Abe L. died that we heard such worthy prose scribed by a politician.

I was both glad and dissapointed that there was no forum. Feedback for a candidate is great, but internet denizens looking at her picture and then posting comments might have been an ugly, albeit entertaining, combination.

Oh and for the record, I’d do 'er.

And she’s a software engineer… who lives a few hours from me.

<falls in love>

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