GoW II in 480p

http://kotaku.com/gaming/top/isle-of-rhodes-site-unlock-gow-2-hd-mode-new-countdown-251824.php - hacktastic

Rockin’. I still haven’t snagged it yet. It’ll be perty when I do.

Err… if the hidden “HD” mode is 640x448, then what the hell is 480p mode that people are referring to being able to set in the menu?

They probably render it at a lower resolution and scale it up to 480

edit: removed the 480p >.<

How to do it.

The extra resolution makes the game run a bit slower, but it’s also prettier.

As the game boots up, before even the White test “SCEA Presents” legal screen comes up. Hold down L1+L2+L3 (Thumbstick Button)+Square+Circle at the same time.

If you did it right, the Legal screen will appear in a shade of purple.

If you are doing this on a PS3, you may need to plug the controller in via USB.

It’s not 720p. but it is running in 640*448

Damn it took a while to find the instruction.

An announcement for the GoW PSP title?