Grace's Diary: A game about teen dating violence

Jennifer Ann’s Group made an Android app (game?) to raise awareness about teen dating violence. The app is free right now.

I wanted to share some exciting news: Jennifer Ann’s Group is proud to announce the release of our first app! Right now it is FREE at the Amazon Appstore so if you have an Android device download it now while it is free!!!

“Grace’s Diary” integrates information about teen dating violence into an award winning point and click game . In the game, you play the part of Grace who is concerned about her friend Natalie whose behavior has changed since she started dating her current boyfriend. Grace wants to call Natalie and talk about her concerns, but knows that Natalie won’t listen to her unless she has sufficient information to support those concerns. Investigate Grace’s room to unearth memories and information in order to make that important call to Natalie. Only if you find sufficient information and make the proper choices will you have a successful conversation with your friend.

Although the focus is on dating violence (and more specifically teens and young adults), the warning signs of an abusive relationship apply equally to all demographics regardless of age. PLEASE share this important info with friends and family.

If you like the game please RATE it at Amazon (and of course rate it even if you don’t like it - but I know that’s not gonna happen!).

Drew Crecente

Executive Director, Jennifer Ann’s Group

FWIW I have no affiliation with the group or the app. I think it’s a neat idea.

Sounds a good ‘educational’ game for young folks. Since the rise of ‘gangsta culture’ in general (and in gaming also), abusive relationships towards females seems to have become more prevelant amongst the young, so some greater awareness on this has got to be good imho. It’s not ok to smack yo bitch up, ever. It’s cowardly and weak.

The thread title had me thinking for a second that I had stumbled onto the Broken Forum forum and was looking at another one of those stupid fucking Let’s Plays.



Also, as Siren points out in her blog, abusive relationships don’t have to have physical abuse. It can be emotional too. (I don’t know that this game is targeting or incorporating emotional abuse awareness.)

Sadly, many times abusive behavior is learned (e.g., from watching parents and peers), but it’s great that Jennifer Ann’s Group is doing something to try to stop the cycle.