Gradius on Wii Shop

Wii Points, ACTIVATE!

I’m actually a lot more excited about this than I was R-Type, as this was always my personal favorite of the two. I was totally hooked on the coin-op original in the UK (where it was known as Nemesis).

Apparently it’s live now, I should go check. The other two games that went up today, apparently, are Soldier Blade and Dungeon Explorer.

Soldier Blade should be on the list if you like shooters. It’s one of the TG-16’s finer moments. It’s hard though.

I’ll play Dungeon Explorer with you later Gaz. :)

I couldn’t play 3 minutes of gradius without a ‘save state’ option…

Out of curiousity, is there any publicly available list of the releases for the Wii Virtual Console?

I’m curious to see what’s in the pipeline, and when.

There is no publically available list of upcoming games, however you can find out what’s been released here…

I’m sure someone will post a better link, but to use that, simply click on Advanced Filtering and then under the pulldown for Category you’ll see things like Virtual Console – N64 toward the bottom. You can then see all released games for each system that way.

New games hit the ESRB before they show up online, so that’s one way that people have been trying to find out what’s coming. It doesn’t tell you when, but you know it’s coming if it’s listed there.

Also, Sega sent out this PR today…

Yeah, I’ve been looking at the Wikipedia List (Here). When stuff gets released, or any information is found (like ESRB submission) it gets updated. Otherwise, it seems to be a big surprise every Monday to see what has come out.

Yeah, for the most part it’s a surprise. Hudson drops hints for their releases sometimes on their message board. That’s kinda cool. One week they gave a hash of numbers that equated to a specific issue of EGM or something like that and a specific page in that magazine. Turned out to be an ad for Military Madness and the GAFtards figured it out within an hour or two. :)

I dunno, I kinda like it. Today’s update made me say OMFG because of the shooter smackdown. Gradius and Soldier Blade were good enough… then they threw in Dungeon Explorer too. I could blow the 1700 points right this second if I had the $20 (and my birthday wasn’t a couple weeks away).

It gives me something cool to look forward to every Monday.

…and oh shit does that SNES list coming up look good…

This seems like it’s a good link too…