Graeme Devine leaves id?

Voodoo Extreme says Graeme D is outa there. True?
Is it fear of Half-Life 2?
Or more internecine id drama?
Will id make another game after Doom III?
Will Carmack happily go off into space ( leaving the gaming world behind for good?
Will Graeme make The 49th Guest, shipping in 2010?
Inquiring, clueless minds hunger for meaningless trivial knowledge!!!

It was a moot point after Trent Reznor’s departure.

You still read Voodoo Extreme? That’s the real important question here.

Why do you say that? It’s not like Reznor is a great sound designer or video game composer. There are tons of guys I would rather see in that chair besides Reznor personally.

Why do you say that? It’s not like Reznor is a great sound designer or video game composer. There are tons of guys I would rather see in that chair besides Reznor personally.[/quote]
Well, because like you, I’m biased. I have personal interpetations of what I expect from this product, as you yourself do, and Reznor fit my bill nicely.

For what is pitched as a genuinely creepy game, it bolsters my interest to have a genuinely creepy guy working the sound end of things. Reznor’s been doing work in this vein over the past 15+ years with his own music, so I know that with him behind the wheel, a proper stereo setup, and an unlit room, Doom III might actually cause my sphincter to tighten a few times.

What we’ll probably end up with now is a guy who’s genuinely creepy around women. While he may be more or less technically proficient, a fair share of my interest in the product was seeing what Reznor could do with the project, just as I’m interested in seeing what Carmack will do with the engine. Or what Graeme might have done with the, uh… math. Or something.

I think Graeme was responsible for the audio code in Doom3. If this code is finished and Graeme wants to do some design work instead then I guess it’s no surprise that he left id.

I thought Devine was brought in as a designer?!


I believe Tim Willits is the lead designer for Doom3. It’s possible that Graeme didn’t get the opportunity to do as much design work as he wanted.

Wonder when John Carmack will leave? (not that he is in the office now a days anymore anyways)

He went on to ensemble - So its seems to me it might have been a planned move.

Devine was in charge of the sound system and was a designer as far as I know. As for your comments about sound guys, it’s pretty apparent that you are woefully ignorant on the subject. Might I point you to for some insight into the incredible professionals that make sound and music for games every day. I’ve said this elsewhere and I’ll say it here, good musician != good sound desinger. It is possible, but it is far from an absolute.

Uh… it’s called sarcasm. But thanks for the link anyway.

Uh… it’s called sarcasm. But thanks for the link anyway.[/quote]

Sorry, missed the sarcasm.

It doesn’t matter which way I read the post- I can’t tell the sarcasm. Are you sure you’re not just backpedalling?
Not being a fan of Reznor’s, I could care less that he’s not part of it.

Don’t see the sarcasm in the post either.

Bailey has perhaps been caught in his own sarchasm.

Reznor did the sound effects and music for Quake. The consensus generally was that he did a good job there, so the even creepier world of Doom III would seemed to have been suited to his talents. I can vividly recall many of Quake’s sound cues, even if the jumping sound the Quake guy made came across like he was trying to pass something.

I’ve always thought it odd that id never had someone doing in-house sound design, especially considering how much their games trade on mood.

I saw the sarchasm! I alone avoided it! Yay me!! I continue my quest for great treasures through the Forum of Fear!

Actually it’s not completely established that he did the sound effects for Quake 1. There is a bit of debate about this as many of the sound effects are straight out of libraries. The “teleport” sound is straight out of the General 6000 library. That’s why you hear the “Doom” door everywhere, because it’s not the Doom door, it’s a stock sound effect.

Would it help if I ladled out judicious steaming spoonfuls of emoticons and LOLs? How much more dumbed down does “all sound guys are scary nerds” have to be before it appears slightly less than serious to you?

The fact that sarcasm is notoriously difficult to communicate through text is the main reason that those emoticons exist.

Of course, your sarcasm is special.