Grammar and vocabulary help

I created a picture of a space ship that diverges a lot from science. What word I use to describe this divergence? “Stylized”? “Fictionalized”? As in, “_____________ artist rendering of space ship.” Thanks.


What about if you reorder the words?

Artist rendering of Fictional / Fantasy / Stylised spaceship.

Pick one. It’s not necessarily your rendering that diverges from sciencitic principles. It’s the design of the spaceship. If I understand you right, that is.

Fantastical, but I think I agree with @Wendelius about the word order. “Rendering of a fantastical spaceship.”

High concept, conceptual, transcendental etc

You could also name the style, “Artist rendering of a retro-futuristic spaceship.” Or steampunk/ dieselpunk/ old-west" whatever.

Here is the spaceship:

Is it retro-futuristic? I don’t know.

I dunno what you’re doing with this thing, but maybe imply there’s a story here? “Rendering of the Colony Ship ‘UNN Mary Poppins’” or, “Interstellar Exploration Vessel en route to Cygnus-238” or whatever. The art style itself seems just straight ‘futuristic.’


No, there’s no story. It was intended for GearHead RPG but I didn’t interpret the developer’s description properly.

Artistic interpretation, perhaps?

Yes! Thank you.

That doesn’t imply that the ship’s design diverges from known scientific principles.

It is a start, though.

Fantastical does! Come on, every time someone used it I get a commission!

FYI, it doesn’t have to be a single-word term. Multiple words are okay.

Well then I don’t know why you don’t just go with, “artist’s rendering diverges from established spaceship engineering principles and/or known science”.

That’s good, too. Thanks!

If I’m writing out a person’s name with a middle initial does their nickname go before or after the middle initial?

For example: Harry S. “Iceman” Truman, or Harry “Iceman” S. Truman? The first one, no?

According to the Harvard CRO style guide (which I found googling this question) yes, the first, and I agree, although I have no basis for my preference other than “seems like it flows better”.