Gran Turismo - Neill Blomkamp, PlayStation, David Harbour, Orlando Bloom

So it’s The Last Starfighter with fewer spaceships and more promotional synergies. Got it!

Not a huge fan of the portrayal, but ultimately this IS based on the real GT Academy and how they turned out this guy…

He didn’t exactly come from nothing…

I do appreciate how they basically crammed the full story into that trailer. No need for me to pay for a ticket now.

I saw the title, and said to my self this will be garbage

Then I saw it was focused on the GT Academy and one of the drivers that came out of it and had a racing career. Awesome. Its actually a very interesting story. I do not know so much about Jann, but I do know about several of the others. Plus modern sports car racing is very very cool.

Then I watched the trailer and realized the scenes are all hyped up BS drama. I hope that was just trailer hype.

So I will wait for the reviews, despite being a massive fan of the topic.

David Harbour looks like he’s having a good time. If/when it’s on streaming that’s enough for me to watch. (Hey Sony, give this away with PS Plus!)

I’m amused that Emelia Hartford is in this, but it wouldn’t be complete without a cameo by Jimmy Broadbent. Maybe as a quirky IT guy or something.

I think I’ll enjoy this a lot when it comes to streaming services. The feel-good sports movie is one of my favorite guilty-pleasures. I know they’re all so predictable, but I really love all the beats of a feel-good sports movie and can’t get enough. And that trailer tells me this is one of those templates completely. Yes!

This is widely believed to be Regal’s Mystery Monday movie today. Only $5 tickets, and (for members) $7 for popcorn and soda.

I’m wondering if I should go see this on IMAX on Tuesday. $16 on discount Tuesday at my local AMC. I’m still annoyed that they’re not bringing back Mission Impossible to IMAX screens, but they are stopping some screenings of Oppenheimer to show this thing on IMAX.

I am a sucker for sports movies though. Especially with David Harbour as the hard-ass coach. Man, it’s going to be hard to resist.

Yeah, I’ll definitely give this a watch on a flight sometime down the line for David Harbour, but the crashes in the trailer are more Trackmania than Gran Turismo.

If you want another cinema grade story of someone learning to become a real racecar driver, the YouTube series that follows Michael Fassbender is fantastic. He recently completed his journey towards the 24 Hours of Le Mans, so it should be thematically complete as well, though they may keep chronicling his career.

Eurogamer didn’t like it. Hmmm, maybe I should wait.

I can’t imagine it’s a good representation of the real story. A true-to-life version would be the protagonist grinding in front of the PlayStation for hundreds of hours, then grinding in front of a sim at the team HQ, then grinding on the track in a car. No drama. Not much excitement. Just a focused guy dedicated to his goal and learning how to be part of the team.

I think there’s some story telling technology to solve that problem.

57 on RT is WAY better than anything I would have expected. Except there’s only 35 reviews so far. I will watch this when it comes to streaming out of sheer curiosity.

Okay, I have to admit I was very skeptical of this film being even remotely interesting to watch. Rented it tonight and I will say it was pretty damn good, even exciting in spots. Well done, even if the usual truths were stretched to make it watchable.

As a GT player myself, I just loved that I could react to the driving and tracks as I watched just from my experience in the games. Not knowing the history behind it, helped. It was wild when I could predict the accident on Nurburgring because I knew the speed, crest of the hill, and upcoming right turn would make it a crash in the works. I was all “oh this is going to be bad”. Also loved the race at Circuit de la Sarthe, one of my fave GT7 tracks, even if it wasn’t the real track in the movie. Well, I thought it was all very well shot, although fewer cuts would have worked, too.

So, yeah, surprised this didn’t get more talk here, but I’d recommend it, especially for those that have played the games, if not those that like car racing in general.

I caught this on a flight a week ago, and my reaction was similar. It was better than I expected.

The driving screens were gorgeous. I loved the once that showed good hard racing, like putting a nose into the apex to force a pass, or running a bit wide on exit to cut off an outside pass. I did not like how things would get hyper accelerated, whether it was passing 10 people in a lap or someone passing like a freight train going by.

When he got called to pit and pit lane was to the left instead of the right…

I too caught this on a flight over the holidays. It’s a fun enough way to kill some time and looked really pretty but I wasn’t terribly taken with the movie overall. Just weird little things, like how the protagonist was able to diagnose a problem with his brakes because he’d played a lot of racing games, and was able to prove the dude with decades of experience wrong because of it, I dunno man.

that scene totally did not make sense in alot of ways.

The driver can actually tell if brakes are glazed (or overheated). You go to the pedal and its hard, but nothing happens (car does not slow).

However the engineer should have been able to pull telemetry and immediately seen if the driver went to the brakes or not. Waiting for next day post-race was all about the drama. Heck, in a modern GT3 car like this they probably should have been getting the data over the air back in the pits…both pressure the driver is putting on the brake pedal, brake temp, and the longitudinal g-force that indicates the brakes are slowing the car.