Granado Espada (Sword of the New World) Pre-Open Beta

Is anyone else going to try Granado Espada (titled Sword of the New World in the English speaking world, with G.E. as the subtitle)?

I downloaded the torrent for the client over the weekend off mininova (possibly one of the few legitimate downloads on there) and am waiting for the 17th of this week (Thursday) for the POBT (pre-open beta, whatever that means) to open up. You can sign up for the POBT and get the mirrors (or torrent from Ausgamers) at the official publisher site Southeast Asia, Infocom Asia Holdings. (Site is in English, as is the client)

From reading their CM’s blog, it seems as though there will be one PK and one PvE server (Cervantes and Carracci, respectively)

English Trailer:

For those who don’t know much about GE, it’s a Korean MMORPG that features controller 3 characters at once in a high fantasy version of Spanish post Rennaissance Europe (Gun-fighter class or frilly period dresses for your sorceress). You can also have a stable of characters that are organized into a “family” and recruit NPCs into that family to round out your own created characters. Effects are especially flashy and you are attacked by hordes of monsters.

Once when I was in Spain, I used Espalda instead of Espada a bunch of times. That was embarassing.

Also, no, I’m not going to try the game.

Espalda is your back, isn’t it? Espada is the word for sword. :)

Yes, that was my point.

Korean MMO? Hmm… not feeling quite so masochistic right now so I think I’ll give a pass on this one.

I was thinking PvP might be fun, even if PvE is especially grindy. Anyway, the beta is free and open so…

I did the closed beta and that was more then enough for me. Nice locals interesting music ok graphics but gameplay was just eye bleeding bordem.

Too repetitive?

Repetive is a weak word compared to how it get’s past level 20. Atleast it’s possable to have a party set up to auto kill for you while your afk.

What he said.

Sounds about as exciting as EVE.

I love the trailer.

“Experience high adventure in a 17th century baroque world!”

I love the visual design for this game and I’m intrigued by some of the design ideas, but I’m not convinced any South Korean MMORPG designer knows how to make a game I personally would consider “fun.”

I know that’s a dirty f-word `round here, but I can’t help it: I’m just one of the proles that way. We can’t all belong to the intelligentisium class.

“Control three characters at one time with MCC”

No sale. If you could control them with HHN or WMW, maybe, but MCC? Forget it.