Granblue Fantasy: Relink: JARPG from Cygames

I’ve only gotten two crew member cards so far (seems gated by the storyline?), but the choice on how to spend them has been agonizing! I sort of arbitrarily picked Vaseraga because I wanted another melee character and he certainly seemed to fit the part! But then I played his Fate Episodes and realized he was part of a pair, so my second pick had to be Zeta, his sidekick. That’s two slots in my party, and the dopey main character has to take a third because he’s mandatory (lame!), which leaves the fourth slot for Io.

But yeah, Ferry’s ability just looks so cool! And check out that nutty backstory:

I’m pretty sure that’s where I’m spending crew card #3. Yeah, this is like Xenoblade Chronicles all over again.

I’m on the PC and it’s controller all the way, even with the character who has to aim his shots at weak points. The gameplay is just soooooo laidback and chill, even during crazy boss fights, that it feels conducive to kicking back with a controller. Even the inventory stuff just feels like it was made for a controller.

In fact, this is the game I probably should have gotten for the PS5, but it’s too late now. I’ve got several characters above level 20 on the Steam version and I’m not about to start over! But I’d love to be playing on a big TV screen, sprawled out in a beanbag chair. The graphics engine is nothing special, but the artwork is gorgeous, and the controller does everything I need.

That said, it readily swaps between controller and mouse/keyboard on the PC. As far as I can tell, this looks like a really well done port.

The Destructoid review said the single player campaign is about 15 hours long, and some people will view it as an extended tutorial. And then you unlock more characters and play the game. I got a little fuzzy reading that on what exactly the game is outside of the 15 hour campaign, but that sounds like a good idea to me. For someone like me, maybe just the 15 hour campaign is enough? And then for people who have more time, they can dig into more characters and enjoy it for much much longer.

That describes pretty much all of the world building! And I’m here for it.

I just finished the story mode and I loved it. I mean, the story itself is nothing special. But the set pieces and the way they used the music with the overall direction to give more “ooomph” to everything is masterful. I’m super impressed with the quality of that aspect of the game; I can hardly think of any other game that managed to achieve what I’ve experienced here.

And the gameplay is amazing, of course. I’m having a hard time to pick a main, and unlike many games in which it’s hard to find one character I really like, in this one I have a hard time picking the one I like the most, because they are all so good!

Only for story missions; for normal quests no character is mandatory, so you can build your team the way you want, without requiring Gran/Djeeta.

That would be Eugen. ;)

Does Djeeta get a pan?

Wrong game! Though, I mean, Relink does have the fish-based weapon, so maybe there’s a frying pan there somewhere…

How does Dash work? I have tried using both m/k and controller but it never seems to do anything. Maybe I am misunderstanding what it should do. I thought the player would move very quickly towards an enemy to get in range. Is it just that you run a little bit faster?

That seems really short for something within the RPG genre, especially the JRPG genre. Would love to know more details on what’s beyond that 15 hours if the story is done.

It turns into Monster Hunter where the focus is earning mats to level up characters against harder and harder enemies/bosses, including 4 player co-op.

Playing on controller, if you press left stick while running you run faster (it’s a toggle, you don’t need to keep it pressed). Really important to use with certain boss mechanics, too. Not sure what’s the equivalent for m/k.

15 hours plus an endgame is a great approach.

Is it worth upgrading the Captain character? Not sure how many play with this character in endgame? I read that you do have to take Captain on main story arcs but unsure how much to upgrade.

What? Now you tell me! I’ve been dragging that putz everywhere I go.

Hmm, can someone spoil for me how many chapters there are in the storyline, perhaps using spoiler tags in case other folks don’t want to know? I’m guessing @rhamorim knows!

@geewhiz, isn’t Dash just the run function? From pushing in the left stick or the right trigger? If so, you should see a faint “speed” effect around your character when it activates. There are skills that do specific things to your positioning in relation to the target, but the description will always make it clear how they work.

Main story is comprised by a prologue and 10 chapters. At the end of that you get credits, endgame is unlocked (new difficulties/quests, gear functionalities, materials, etc), and you start an epilogue that leads to additional bosses and story bits, I think. Epilogue is not structured in the same way the main story is, though. It seems to be a more long-term thing that progresses as you do more quests.

Yeah, I think my expectation of Dash was not a speed boost per say but kind of like a power you see in some games where a character would almost teleport to an enemy. I got it now so thanks for everyone’s assistance.

Well that just sounds like genius.

Certain characters do have dash attacks that are more like that, but it’s not universal.

Ok, so. For those who like melee with some support and QoL, Vane is a monster. I just unlocked him and well, I wish I had unlocked him earlier. :)

This PC Gamer review is pretty close to my own experience with the game:

And on a related note, Vaseraga is amazing once you figure out how to play as him. Also, this whole game is awesome.