Grand Theft Auto IV Episodic Content Exclusive to 360

According to an article posted late last night on Eurogamer…

Why is this news? I could have sworn that that this was mentioned when the game was announced, might have been in the GI preview.


EDIT: See here.

Because there had never been confirmation before. Sony fans had been hoping that there would be PS3 content delivered as well through their service (do a google and you’ll come up with stories indicating as much).

Because there had never been confirmation before.

Other than Peter More officially announcing it at X06, you mean?

I see what you mean, but I never really was under the impression that Rockstar had said anything otherwise. I’m also sure that the Game Informer preview or some other outlet mumbled something about additional content being 360-only.


I thought the clarification had been that each platform was getting different exclusive downloadable content. Hmm.

It has always been the official stance that the 360 will receive exclusive downloadable content.

Right. What I think is new is that it appears the downloadable content - i.e. any and all - will be exclusive to the 360.

On the other hand, I presume Rockstar will fill up the large, unused space on BluRay with something.

Do they mean exclusive exclusive or “Vice City Stories will be exclusive to the PSP” exclusive?

So will there ALSO be exclusive PS3 content?



The way I read the announcement, there will not be. Downloadable content for GTA IV will only be available to 360 owners.

So imagine buying Oblivion, but never being able to download and play the Shivering Isles. Or buying Rainbow 6: Vegas but watching from the sidelines as others play the new maps in the Red Pack.

The quality of DLC has certainly varied. It’s run the gamut from laughable (horse armor anyone?) to amazing (Shivering Isles). It’s unclear where DLC for GTA IV will fall in that spectrum. But I’d certainly rather have the option than not.

Can anybody speculate on why things turned out this way?

The PS3 has the hard drive and the network connection, so what’s the problem?

If that is truly the case, that’s one of the best moves Microsoft has made in a while.

Install base?

Anyway, back when Microsoft announced GTA IV would be available for the 360 on the same day and date as the PS3, they said the online episodic content would be exclusive. There was never any announcement or anything that the PS3 would have it.

The gamer population just said to themselves, and repeated on many forums, “oh, I’m sure the PS3 will also have online downloadable episodes and stuff, it’ll just be somewhat different, so they can still call the 360 stuff exclusive.”

Which seemed plausible, but had absolutely no facts to back it up, and now has proven nothing more than wishful thinking.

This news story has about as much merit as “Metal Gear Solid 4 is exclusive to PS3!!”

See? That’s how all this started! ;)

Seriously, if there is going to be exclusive PS3 content, it has not been announced, and is not part of Take Two’s financial disclosure for the fiscal year. The 360’s stuff is.

Just thinking out loud here, but the use of the specific phrase “episodic content” offers a truck-sized loophole.

It was never confirmed by any stretch, but there was a little more to the PS3 additional online content than just forums echoing speculation until they forgot who shouted first. Far as I can tell, it goes back to this Eurogamer article:

According to a source close to Rockstar North, the team is working on exclusive supplemental content for both systems, which will be made available for download via Microsoft and Sony’s respective online services after the game’s release next year.

Emphasis mine, quoting from the Eurogamer article. That, in turn, got picked up by the major sites, IGN, 1up, etc.

Sure am glad I got my preorder in on the collectors edition for the 360 already.

According to some interpretations of the Take Two investors conference call, microsoft is paying $50 million for the DLC. I dunno if thats exactly accurate, but the answer is definitely moneyhats. made out of money.

either way, it definitely seems the dlc is going to be very significant, not just some extra outfits bullshit.