Grand Theft Auto IV Revealed!

Wouldn’t we be up to Grand Theft Auto VI now?

Or are we still on the Jose Liz Star Wars numbering system?

Rockstar said that Vice City and San Andreas were still part of the GTA III trilogy.

I think we have all had enough GTA for one year.

There is always room for more GTA. It would make sense to call it IV if its using a whole new engine.

Like every engine/redesign they give it a number and all the titles using the same engine get called something else.

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Whatever. Sure, I’ll put a worthless reply to this bullshit post just to see what happens. It’s kinda like trying to pitch pennies down some fat guy’s plumber’s crack.

What a scam, I made this reply and I still can’t see the image. Not that I expected I would since I doubt Jose Liz has the expertise to make a server-side script that would actually determine if we had replied or not.

We need more threads about GTA/Rockstar?

GTA IV: Livejournal. Rated E for Emo.

Dum de dum de dum…

Jose, can you see?..

Poll: Has Jose made a funny joke?

A) Yes
B) No
D) No

Whatever game we were playing, Orpheo wins.

I don’t think winning in this thread is really something to list on the ol’ resume.

Thank you for shaving a few more minutes off of my lifespan.


No funney detected?

I thought it was funny. 8)

Posts like this make it worth it:

You forgot

E) S]-[1T B@NERZ!!11