Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas News

There’s an ‘interview’ over at with some news about the next GTA game, there’s some pretty awesome ideas going on there

only on I don’t like is

One completely new type of vehicle Houser described is not of the motorized sort. Just as Vice City introduced motorcycles to the mix, San Andreas adds another type of two-wheeled transportation. "We’ve added an absolute ton of new vehicles. You’re actually able to ride a bicycle this time, as well - which is really fun. You have to press the buttons to make it go faster and it just feels like a bicycle, but in the GTA world.”

the rest of the article can be found here;

Screen shots are here;

I’ll be waiting on the PC version for this - in the mean time I am trying my best to hold back from playing the other two GTA3 games again. (I’ve yet to finish VC… hrmm)

I foresee some irritating Xtreme Bike Stunting minigames to trigger.

The next iteration of GTA will probably let you knock down a rollerblader and take their skates.

That sounds amazing. They must have been working on it since well before VC was released if the amount of content they’re claiming is true.

Adding a new dimension of realism, Carl will now have to eat in order to maintain his physical state

Uh oh.

That is a good preview with lots of new info I haven’t seen before. Stuff like the game will be set in the early 90s. Hopefully that means we’ll get an early 90’s sound track. Also I’d bet money that we’ll see some rioting, maybe as during a mission, or after you get through enough missions the LA riots start and the city stays in that state until you complete a few more missions.

Having country side between the 3 cities sounds like it could add alot.

To quote the article

The rolling countryside will also expand the dimensions of the GTA experience, adding a dramatic scale that couldn’t be accomplished in the urban confines of previous titles. “One of the things that the country-side gives you is a mountain; you’ve never had a mountain in a GTA game before,” opines Houser. The idea of being able to drive from LA through the countryside, up a mountain into San Francisco and on to Vegas is just freakish, and it feels amazing! It’s a real big change of experience - you feel like you’re in this world, and the world feels completely 3D. It’s got depth."

And you have to press the controller buttons repeatedly to chew.

This is pretty funny though.

Consuming fast food and avoiding exercise will actually make Carl gain weight, which affects everything from your speed to the character’s physics-to humorous effect.

“Playing a mission when you’re a fat bastard and everyone calling you a ‘fat bastard’ in the game world is an amazing experience,” said Houser. Unfortunately, becoming overweight will frequently make missions either more difficult or outright impossible, forcing you to seek another very real-world solution to your problem.

“So, you eat your donuts, you get fat, you gain weight, you reduce your stamina and speed - how do you sort that out?” questions Houser. “You go to the gym, you work out, you gain muscle, and you gain a lot more strength, a lot more speed. The [character] model actually changes and he looks amazing.”

So how fat can you get, will there be a limit? The image of a 400 pound man trying to car jack a small honda is priceless.

Do gamers really need a disgusting slob simulator? GTA’s all about being a super stud jumping his ferrari over a skyscraper in order to drive-by a helicopter, then jumping out of the wreckage and macking the hos. Which is something the average gamer can’t do in real life, where as they are already experts at sitting smack on their ass and eating cheeseburgers.

I wonder if anyone will try to sue Rockstar for immitating GTA by becomming morbidly obese.

Ya I never cared for the “excercise to run farther” in GTA3 & VC and this just sounds worse.

All the other stuff however sounds bery bery good. Three cities including long roadways leading to each!

Obviously, GTA4 (or, GTA 3 v4, Houston) will add the need to use the bathroom or face pissing/shitting yourself. If you do, people will call you “pisspants” or “skidmark” or “shitdrawers”, and it will make completing missions difficult or impossible.

At first I was rather put off by GTA:SA but the more I hear about it, the more I like it. Its going to be hard to wait for the pc version I tell you…

Sounds like it’s time for an Autoduel remake with the GTA3.3 engine.

This was what I was hoping to get in that Tony Zurovec game which name escapes me (Loose Cannon?). Full cities with surrounding countrysides.

Man, this just sounds irritating. I don’t want to eat and exercise in a game. RPGs have been down this road before, at least with eating, and the fans tend to not like it.

Man, this just sounds irritating. I don’t want to eat and exercise in a game. RPGs have been down this road before, at least with eating, and the fans tend to not like it.[/quote]

In Tomato Adventure (a Japanese GBA RPG, the team’s precursor Gameboy game before they made Mario & Luigi) you have to exercise and feel the burn in order to wedge a fat-ass frog out of a snake’s mouth. ^_^

Do you even have to eat in the GTA games? Is that how you recover health? If its an optional thing, than it seems easy enough to avoid.


Eating has never previously been in a GTA game, you simply had Health and Armor.

Really, I wonder whether this doesn’t have more to do with trying to expand your interaction with the building interiors rather than adding rpg elements. There wasn’t a whole lotta reason to go to the food court in VC, or enter stores other than to get clothes,ammo, or lapdances. So these comments seem to indicate they’re trying to think of compelling reasons to get you to interact with the interior city. Whether it’s a pain in the ass or not seems up in the air.

Perhaps they are trying to deflect a little heat, having you eat to gain health instead of bang prostitutes. If you run over the burger wrapper when you are done, you’ll only upset Iron Eyes Cody.

If it works like running in GTA3, it’s fine (that is, you can do it, and it has some benefits but isn’t required and doesn’t hurt game play not to).

OTGH, attention to what you eat and too much diet management, that sounds like an anchor.