Grand Theft Auto V and Rockstar's Social Club: getting the rest of the gang together!

So we have a Qt3 “crew” from Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption, but the Rockstar Social Club stuff is going to get even bigger with GTA V. If you want to join us – you can be in as many crews as you want, so it’s not an exclusive thing – you can find our crew page here, where you can easily friend various Qt3 folks. Or you can just search for “quarter to three” or our “QTO3” tag. Over the next couple of weeks, I suspect this will just be useful for bragging rights, comparing stats, and admiring each other’s screenshots. But when GTA Online goes live in October, I’m guessing this is going to absolutely explode in a Red Dead Redemption Turned Up to 11 kind of way. Be sure to join us by joining the Qt3 crew. And we can bump this thread for the release of GTA Online.


Nice! I’ve applied.

360 only or both (can both be done)?

accept some invitations, buster

Invites sent/accepted! Actually, I think I just set it to let anyone join, so you might not need to wait for invites. I’ll keep an eye on it.

Also, leaderboards group you by a global list, your friends list, and your primary crew. So, FYI, I’m kicking all y’all’s asses in the Vespucci triathalon.


I’m guessing its platform agnostic.


Cool. I’m getting it on the PS3, though, so won’t be able to play with you (unless GTAO is agnostic, which I seriously doubt). Keep seeing you playing it – super jealous, not getting mine until tomorrow night. =/ It is cool, though, that the leaderboards are agnostic, we can at least compete there.

No PC??? /shake fists!!!


PS3 player here… will get PC version as well when that comes out. Rockstar deserves double… maybe triple purchases! imo.

…countdown to download… dont think I’ll be getting in tonight. :-(

Join’d :-)

Im in

It would seem that I have joined as well.
Now I just need to get the game…


PS3 here as well , so looks like we might be able to get a group together come October.


Joined on PS3!

site is pretty buggy, I guess due to demand today. My acceptance kept failing, and now it says there are 39 members in the crew but only lists a handful or just gives an error in response to the request.

joined! I think. site’s crazy overloaded right now.

Just a preview of what October 1st will be like when the MP unlocks.

Just got the PS3 version last night, so I’ll be signing up this week sometime.