Grant Bowler is a dick and other things I learned in Defiance

Title Grant Bowler is a dick and other things I learned in Defiance
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When April 5, 2013

When you die in Defiance, you can rez yourself every so often. If you've self-rezzed recently, then other players can rez you so you don't lose any of your spacebucks. It's very forgiving..

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Will you be reviewing this title in the future? As I understand it this is going to tie in to a TV show on Syfy, perhaps they need to be reviewed together. I saw that $59.99 price tag and that quashed any curiosity I had about a video game/TV show crossover.

Yep, I'll be doing a full review after I've spent some more time with it. And I'll certainly be checking out the TV show. From playing the game, I can't imagine what kind of TV show they're going to make based on this universe.

Intriguing concept, but I'm betting the Syfy channel wasn't the network to try and pull it off.

It's probably a show where they ride around on 4 wheeler bikes and shoot bugs and mutants. They might fist bump after a good kill or say "Yeah!" .

Maybe even a F***en 'A' after that. I still like Defiance simply because it absolves me of my terrible performance in other MMOs and has vehicles which is surprisingly similar to Borderlands for me.

I like how you can press shift and they go GWOOSH!
I also like how you roll out of them if you exit while they are moving. I just wish the sawed off shotgun didn't take 8 years to reload.

Im pretty much sure that a lot of work and not a lot of lazy went into the design of this game. Theres nothing too exciting about it if you played a couple pew-pew´s and ding-ding´s, yes. At least its an mmo where you can move both hands almost all of the time.

That sort of matched up with my impressions of the last beta event. It had a lot of spawning/movement glitchiness, and seemed very "spare" in execution, reminding me more of some free to play games I've tried out than a professional, "you must give us money" game, but it had a lot of fun to it as well. Driving the 4-wheeler around was a serious hoot, and once I got used to it the shooter controls and other combat elements worked quite well. It was head and shoulders better than Neverwinter.

Still, with so many other games available right now, not to mention GW2, I couldn't really justify a $60 purchase to buy it. It's clearly a F2P game, not a B2P. When the do go F2P or the price drops to no more than $20, I might give it a shot though.