Grassroots conservatives sour on Iraq?

There’s a few descriptions from TNR reporters about how they can’t find anyone in NYC at the convention who supports the war:

am amazed by how much open hostility is expressed by grassroots conservatives here in New York about the war. Last night, I was at the New York Yacht Club sipping mojitos and nibbling seared tuna at a party thrown by liberal bogeyman Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform. In the heart of the right-wing conspiracy, I couldn’t find a defender of the war. Granted, Norquist’s instincts since the end of the Cold War are fairly isolationist, so his gathering attracted many similarly minded Republicans. But it’s still surprising to hear how unpopular the war has become among some on the right. One guest assured me that anti-war sentiment among conservatives is “like a virus that is rapidly spreading.”

Not sure what it means, but it’s interesting.