Gratuitous Space Battles

Ok, I noticed a banner ad at the top of the Qt3 forums for a game called ‘Gratuitous Space Battles’ and, even though I never click on ads, I just had to take a look because of the name.

The game itself looks interesting enough and I really like the opening line in the description…

“Gratuitous Space Battles aims to bring the over-the-top explodiness back into space games.”

Ah, over-the-top explodiness! Is there nothing you can’t solve?

If anyone here gives this game a try, please let me know. I’m curious.



Is this a joke?

Edit: That was an asshole response. There is a 15 page thread here. It was made by our own cliffski, and you should go ahead and buy it right the fuck now to support him.

Nope. Real game.


Mink has been on sabattical at a monastery with no Qt3 access. ;)

Dammit. I did a search before I started the thread too. Apparently searching ‘gratuitous’ isn’t good enough? Maybe I misspelled it or something. Sorry all.


I think the only reason it was exxtra-funny is because that thread had been on the front page for quite a while. No need to apologize, we are all friends here…well, except for that Ben Sones, he is a dick.

Anything that isn’t an evony banner is fine with me, maybe we should figure out how much it would cost to pay for Gratitious banner for a month or 12 just so we can atleast have a game we like as ad on this site.

You are found guilty of not owning a copy of GSB. Your punishment is immediate subjection to 48 hours gaming within the DOTA community.

May a non-specific deity have mercy on your incorporeal form.

I support this concept.