Graveyard Keeper (bring out your dead)

This is out in 2 days, like version 1.0! No early access crap. Very interested in hearing impressions when it releases.

Can’t wait!

So, I seem to own this somehow, so I just installed and easily just lost some time to it. It’s very charming, explains things very well, and has a lot to do. This world you end up in is very well-built and realized, the tasks are reasonable, and the writing is just funny and charming.

I was hoping Steam magically gave me a new game, but sadly no cigar here. It’s not like I have any time between Overcooked 2, Monster Hunter on PS4 and PC, and Stardew Valley plus a half dozen new board games but… this looks really cool, still.

Since Brian got a free copy, its his duty to review it!


@BrianRubin got a free copy. Is this a graveyard in space or something? It must be, right?

I wish.

So I have 30 minutes in so far, and a lot has happened. I’ve met a talking skull (always love those), the local bishop, bartender and blacksmith, done some tasks in the nearby village, and learned a lot about the weird economy of this world I’m inhabiting. The world-building here is truly fascinating, as they have an entirely different clock and calendar, and some things are time-specific, so the clock is always visible. I also like how much guidance there is, as I’m someone who likes a to-do list in a game, rather than just “farm this” or “craft that.” So initial impressions are super positive.

Did you buy it and forget?

If he did, how would he know???!?!?!?!?

No, I got sent an unsolicited key.

Exactly, or Bob from the Dresden Files.

Maybe there are alien corpses?

I bought it and they havent given me a key. I’m pretty down on the whole experience so far

Maybe your key went to @BrianRubin instead?

That thievin’ Rubin!!! Why I oughtta!

Well it releases 08/15, so patience grasshopper.

One can’t steal what one was given freely without even asking. ;)

I wasn’t aware there was fishing in this! I am considering a day 1 purchase!

Yeah, the guy at the lighthouse just told me about fishing, and I am DYING to try it, but I need to do some stuff for him before he’ll give me his old rod.