Graveyard Keeper (bring out your dead)

The game keeps you busy. I’m always trying to do something but there is… something a little too mechanical about it. It’s still entertaining in a busy work sort of way though, but I think it loses some shine for taking that a bit too far.

I’m at 60 hours played and still having fun! It’s a grind to hit that in-game paywall for sure, but with grinding, well, you chip away at it and it doesn’t take horribly long to get over it.

By the time you need that kind of money you should be at a point where you are able to make over 1 gold a week, between the sermon and the vegetable delivery (35+55 silver respectively) not to mention selling wine.

Sigh, my dumb 25% off coupon for this expired today at 2am. Who’s genius idea was that.

First free DLC is out!

Interesting read!

Anyone try the new free dlc I mentioned in the previous post?

Neat dev diary about the studio and what they are thinking of making next.

1.123 patch improves times to do things and reduces resource requirements/energy to make stuff!

Picked this up in the current tiny build bundle, its way better than Punch Club, still pretty grindy. ;)

Having to walk everywhere really adds to the play time, gotta get the underground tunnels cleared up asap.

You can make Speed Potions later helps a lot with the walking and they last for ages.

I just finished this yesterday I liked it, although a lot of the later game technologies I found I never needed.

There’s a teleport orb you can buy at the tavern.

I saw that, how does it work?

Ah yes the Teleport Stone is a must! Just buy it and right click in your inventory will give you a list of destinations. Has a cooldown though of course but it’s not too long.

Awesome, I have a plethora of beets and carrots to sell, just for such an occasion.

Yep Teleport Stone is great!

Working on getting my church interior fixed up so my sermons are more successful.

And finally my church is doing well, been so starved for faith XP.

Been slacking on the burial part of this game for the last 2 hours, but I am liking the cremation options!

Think I am gonna tap out, its just too grindy, I haven’t had fun in like 2 days of playing this.

The dungeon area is the worst of any dungeon in any game ever.

Yeah, I left off a while back. It’s not that it’s too grindy, not exactly. There’s just too much to do. Too many steps for each thing.

On that note, it was updated today on Xbox, and they added the DLC, though it’s $5, not free. I might go back at some point, to see if the patch eased up some of the gameplay.

The update busted the Xbox One version to the point of unplayability. The protagonist turns invisible, staying on the tech tree screeen too long freezes the game, etc. I had a lot of fun with this the last week, but will stave off until they fix this buggy mess they created.

Edit: Although there apparently was a hotfix released earlier today.

New DLC is coming out in twenty days, not free this time.
Haven’t played the last DLC, so I will take the chance and restart the game from the beginning.