Graveyard Keeper (bring out your dead)

Yeah, I left off a while back. It’s not that it’s too grindy, not exactly. There’s just too much to do. Too many steps for each thing.

On that note, it was updated today on Xbox, and they added the DLC, though it’s $5, not free. I might go back at some point, to see if the patch eased up some of the gameplay.

The update busted the Xbox One version to the point of unplayability. The protagonist turns invisible, staying on the tech tree screeen too long freezes the game, etc. I had a lot of fun with this the last week, but will stave off until they fix this buggy mess they created.

Edit: Although there apparently was a hotfix released earlier today.

New DLC is coming out in twenty days, not free this time.
Haven’t played the last DLC, so I will take the chance and restart the game from the beginning.