Graveyard Keeper (bring out your dead)

Yeah, I left off a while back. It’s not that it’s too grindy, not exactly. There’s just too much to do. Too many steps for each thing.

On that note, it was updated today on Xbox, and they added the DLC, though it’s $5, not free. I might go back at some point, to see if the patch eased up some of the gameplay.

The update busted the Xbox One version to the point of unplayability. The protagonist turns invisible, staying on the tech tree screeen too long freezes the game, etc. I had a lot of fun with this the last week, but will stave off until they fix this buggy mess they created.

Edit: Although there apparently was a hotfix released earlier today.

New DLC is coming out in twenty days, not free this time.
Haven’t played the last DLC, so I will take the chance and restart the game from the beginning.

Skimming this thread convinced me to pause my Humble Monthly. It was one of the two games I was sorta interested in. Not interested in Shadow of War enough for it to carry the monthly.

I bought it on sale, I think that fall steam sale. I got my money’s worth out of it, although I never finished it due to how grindy it got.

There were a lot of patches though and Steam reviews has constantly changed to a positive rating over time. Back then in June I considered it as too grindy as well but I’m still interested in giving it another shot. Does anybody know if it’s less grindy now and if there were significant changes?

Significant changes, yes. Less Grindy? Unclear.

They added zombie helpers you could assign to roles, e.g. I’m not clear what all the roles they can be assigned to are as I haven’t tried the game since way before there were zombie helpers. But at the least they can do some tasks like alchemy mixing or transporting stuff. Also, alchemy got less “you can’t possibly do this without looking at a guide” (old: mixture failures gave you some goo; now they hint at how close you are to a recipe or somesuch), although to me it still looked like you’d be checking a guide regardless.

I may give it another try. I’m really not very interested in the DLC (which it sounds like is sort of a separate thing; e.g. you won’t be running the church and a tavern at the same time). But if I do I’ll be consulting a guide because I don’t want to stub my toe on all the gates this time.

The zombie helpers they added are just ok… but the thing is you get 2 or 3 free if I recall, after that there is a long list of things to grind/do to be able to make more. I gave up at that point .

Originally I didn’t realise it shared play elements of games like Stardew Valley, which I don’t want to play. Also I didn’t realise it was made by the Punch Club Dev, and I hated that game

The grindyness drove me a bit away too. It felt like doing chores for a bit which, to me Stardew does not.