Gravity Rush 2: Manipulating gravity with the Dualshock 4

This comes out on PS4 on Jan 20th, about a month from now. They are releasing a demo today.

I played the original on Vita for a while, but found the controls too hard since it used the Vita’s motion controls. It should work a lot better on the DS4 controller, I’m hoping.

From a Eurogamer news article in October, the three gravity styles in the sequel:

[quote]This time around player character Kat can not only change the direction of gravity, but manipulate how it works as well by toggling between three different styles. Aside from regular gravity, there’s Lunar style where Kat is lighter and quicker, and in Jupiter style Kat falls slower, but weighs more and does more damage.

Each gravity style includes its own combat combos and players will be able to switch between the different styles at will.[/quote]

Gameplay trailer:

I wasn’t paying attention to this for whatever reason, whenever I saw it pop up on a news site here or there, but now I’ve watched the trailer you linked color me intrigued. Curious what the reception will be, it certainly looks really fun!

I tried the demo. It’s disappointingly short. But hey, at least I got a feel for the controls. You just press R1 to float, and then R1 in any direction for gravity to be from that direction. And the character even points her feet toward there; the enemy is downward, like in Ender’s Game. Much easier than trying to fly using the tilt sensor on the PS Vita.

Did you do both courses? Thought it was a good length, but I was flying around a lot as well.

I only did one course, the tutorial one, since I’d only played the original on a Vita, so I wanted to learn the new controls.

The most disappointing thing to me, that makes me not want to return, is the music. It just feels completely inappropriate to the situation at all times.

In practice, the controls in the Vita version were also mostly about pausing, orienting the enemy to be down, and drop kicking. Actually trying to steer flight while in motion was pretty atrocious and pointless outside of the race challenges.

A couple early reviews are upbeat about this game. Gonna have to check out the demo!