Gray Company becomes White Council

Gamasutra reports that EA announced the final name of its “Gray Company” project. It’s going to be called…

The Lord of the Rings: The White Council, an open world role-playing game to be available on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. The game will feature an original storyline derived from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings novels under an agreement with EA, and is scheduled to ship in late 2007.

Apparently you can play a nobody who teams up with the White Council… doesn’t sound terribly engaging to me but who knows.

Greetings <Player Name>!

Go forth and fetch me <random 5 to 25> <random level 1 monster part>! I will give you this <random rusty weapon> and 100xp! I desperatly need these <random part name> for my spell research, it is the key to defeating Sauron himself! Hurry now, the fate of the realm is in your hands!

Dude, please. Leave the cynicism at the door. Talented! Incredible! Next Generation! Epic! Success!!

I’ve heard the White Council is recruiting again. Not a bad way to make some money, if you’ve got the stones for it.

“Hey, I heard a <rumour> about the White Council, or perhaps you would like to <find a ring> for me?”

You, Sir, just made my day.

And what games have you created? I’d love to snipe at you from the comfort of behind my larger or smaller desk as well. Please list every game you have ever been lead designer/lead artist/lead programmer/designer/artist/programmer/PA/intern/tester on before you start slamming any development team please.

And, what, pray tell, is your job anyways?

Is it the ancient “You don’t develop games thus you’re not allowed to have an oppinion” attack? Also called “Retardofeint”? I didn’t know it was still practised nowadays.

Pretty much.

Ben did that. I should have known. But why redirect that fallacy at DeepT, who had nothing to do with it?

Well, at first I thought that I should post about how bad LOTR:Third Age was, and that this was being made by the same team that created that turd.

Then I thought about how I posted that System Shock 3 was rumored to being made by the Godfather team who was also at Redwood Shores. And then I remembered how harshly I was attacked for calling out the Godfather team as being incompetent by Ben.

So I thought I’d just cut out the middle man and get right to the point about how EA Redwood Shores is awesome and should never be judged by their past failures.

EDIT: hey where did your post go

:) Sorry flyinj, when you removed your link my message didn’t make any sense any more.

For the record: I asked why flyinj redirected this attack at DeepT, whereas it was Ben who originally used it on flyinj.

That’s simply stupid.

Based on an anonymous source, 1up claims that White Council has been cancelled. They say EA had no comment which probably means it’s true.

My car won’t start. I guess since I’m not an auto mechanic, I can’t complain?

Someone remind me why EA even starts MMOGs anymore?

They didn’t, in this case. White Council was supposed to be an epic single-player RPG.

Someone remind me why I should even read links?

Somebody on the official boards for the game who at least claimed to work there said that they weren’t cancelled, just delayed until '08. Time will tell…

What’s the problem? I’d love an open-ended RPG that didn’t force me to relive the path of one of the main characters of the LOTR.