Great Game Trailers

Fantastic trailer indeed! I hadn’t seen that one yet. Great choice of music, too.

And speaking of great use of music…

My favorite game trailer ever (The All Saints Trailer for original Dark Souls)

I’ve never seen this. It’s alive-action version of the Dead Island trailer.

Love that Caspian Border trailer for BF3. I have to fire it up every now and then to watch it.

So many trailers are fast. Time to take it slow, like a boat:

Hah, I knew someone would post that one. The legendary Jazz Boatman. Awesome.

I didn’t because I was confident someone else would.

So many trailers are serious. Time for silly.

I always loved this Rock Band 2 trailer.

And then of course the classic opening sequence, the pinnacle of unsafe rocking.

Oh, to be 2008 again. Those were the good old days. Everything is shit now!

Pretty sure I boat the game because of that.

I am living in the past with two classics:

Ballad Of Gay Tony


Duke Nukem Forever - the 2001 E3 Trailer

Man, the feels. Really well done, only wish they included the full ending as well.

This Red Dead Redemption trailer really made me excited for the game.

Also great was that they were pretty truthful about what the gameplay / world would end up being like.

I really need to play RDR; I have a PS3 as well.

Mass response time.

Nice picks, @Paul_cze. The Witcher 3 and The Crew trailers are beautiful.

@rhamorim: I liked the presentation of the Prince of Persia video but I can’t say it did much for me overall. Also, I thought I recognised Sia’s voice at the end there. Loved the World in Conflict trailer. Real shame about Prey 2, looks more interesting than the new one, I’ve got to say.

I’d not seen that Star Wars trailer before but, man, that was remarkable.

@JMR: Okay so, when it says ‘Limbo of the Lost’ you can hear a Haunt from Thief: The Dark Project saying ‘Join us, join us, join us now!’ There’s no forgetting that bark. Seems there are quite a few other samples of the Haunts in the background too. Nice to hear a Yorkshire dialect from the bald-headed green-skinned hag, even if it is a bit off to my Derbyshire ears!

@soondifferent: I don’t remember there being so much pre-rendered footage in Torment. Was a lot of that just for the teaser or am I just forgetting stuff? It’s been a while since I last played it.

@geewhiz: Awesome.

@Jason_McMaster: Another Johnny Cash trailer! Yeah, I really liked the synchronisation of the music and editing there.

@coffeetv: It’s the music I love, even if I don’t care much for TES!

Okay, I think that’s one of my favourites here.

Agreed. Definitely getting a Behemoth/Batteblock vibe from that trailer, speaking of which, here’s some more silly:

Such a great voiceover coupled with some really snappy editing and writing.

@wumpus: I couldn’t help but be reminded of the band in the Brutal Legend intro. :-)

warhammer online

nothin beats the scene when the sorc blows a kiss to the elf

the whole trailer is just well made, pacing wise and introduces alot of the characters in the actual game with a splash of humor

Limbo of the Lost was famous for basically stealing assets from… everything.

The irony of stealing from Thief is not lost on me.

Not sure whether any of you non-UK/EU folk caught this ad for No Man’s Sky, but Bill Bailey is used perfectly in it:

It is Sia, indeed, before she became famous as she is now. That trailer completely sold me on the game, which is why I posted it here. I guess I’ll post a few more trailers later. ;)

More sickening lies from the developers! I never got a Bill Bailey with my copy of the game. Maybe it was a UK-only promotion?..

Yeah, regional DLC no doubt.