Great Moments in DVD Shopping

Today at Amoeba, two kids (19 or 20) are browsing the horror section. One pulls out a copy of Dawn of the Dead and says, “Hey, let’s get this, this was awesome.” The other looks closer, sees that the cover says “George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead” and says, “Nah, that’s not Dawn of the Dead.” First kid looks quizzically at the case again, realizes his mistake, and says, “Oh, this is some other guy’s Dawn of the Dead. Never mind.”


A couple years ago I was at Best Buy browsing in the DVD section. There were two guys about my age early 20s next to me talking about getting a DVD (forget the title). When deciding which dvd to get one of the guys asks his friend whats the difference between widescreen and fullscreen anyway. The other guy says “Widescreen is when they cut off the top and bottom of the movie.”

I’m a fairly shy person who never jumps in a conversation with strangers, but I did that time because you just can’t let something like that go.