Great Neverwinter mod

It’s The Halls of Advanced Training. Here’s the link: Halls of Advanced Training&url=

If that doesn’t work, it’s at the Vault’s Neverwinter site under their modules section.

Here’s the description:

“The ultimate character creation module. You may create a character, make him/her any level you so choose and equip that character with any gear you wish. This is all done in a fully fleshed out setting with NPC’s. The module also includes a large PvP and monster arena for those that wish to host the module for multiplayer use. Update: v1.2 Added: Auto-cleanup for the floor due to a large amount of items being dropped by players using the mod. Added: Automatic door closing, just for atmosphere. Changed: Made all static NPC’s immobile to keep them from being lured around by players.”

I quickly made a level 15 dwarf fighter, bought his armor and weapons, and then fought some monsters. It’s great if you want to fool around with a lot of different characters to see what they’re like.

Warning – you get trained by dragons, so if you don’t want to see dragons until you run into them in the single player game, don’t use this mod.