Great news, old timers!

Pentagon seeks higher age limit for recruits

WILLARD: He was 38 years old. Why the fuck would he do that ?

And here I thought you were announcing Igor’s mom took his computer away…

Let’s all welcome the Volkssturm! :lol:

Back in MY day, we had the Reagan Youth!

And here I was worried I’d be refused for being 30…oh wait, what kind of fool waits until 42 to make the mistake most 18-year-olds are smart enough to avoid?

I’ll join when they let you pick which war to fight. Armed robbery in the desert? No thanks. DEA missions in Columbia? Not after a urine test. Torturing strangers for fun and profit in gitmo? I’ll pass.

Freeing slaves en route across eastern europe? Corps of Engineers building roads, schools, hospitals in Africa? Disarming mines in Afghanistan so people can farm? Sabotaging nuclear tests in North Korea? Hunting down DeBeers shareholders like wild game? I’m in.

I don’t have any problems with war as a policy or a tool, assuming peaceful means aren’t working, but for christ sake give me something worth pursuing before you ask me to hand over my life.


Stephen Bochco had a good quote in Esquire this month. He said there was no way in hell he was going anywhere near Iraq to research his new series on FX about the war, and went on to say that when he becomes the king of the world, he’s going to dictate that wars may only be fought by guys over 50, because guys over fifty aren’t going to stick their asses out for anybody, except maybe their proctologists. :D