Great News - Tina Fey-produced local News station sitcom on NBC


What a gem this show turned out to be. It’s got that same pace of writing and joke-telling as 30 Rock. The lead actors are fantastic. And it has been renewed for a second season of 13 episodes on NBC.

Unfortunately, it’s got a name that’s hard to google. I suppose you could search for Great News sitcom, which should do the trick.

Anyway, I meant to check this out when it aired, but I had no idea where NBC hid it in their schedule. So I’m checking it out now on Hulu. I had no idea how much I missed a 30 Rock-style comedy until I started watching this. I missed it a lot! :)


Thanks for the tip! Never heard of this but will check it out.


Also never heard of this, good job NBC on the promotion.


Thirded, but now must watch.


Seriously, 30 Rock is one of my favorite shows of all time and I had no idea this existed.

Thank you for the tip!!


OMG John Michael Higgins AND Andrea Martin?!?! I need to watch this ASAP.


This is freaking incredible. The first two episodes are good, enough I kept watching, but 3 and 4 (the one I’m on now) is just brilliant.


The lead is gorgeous!


My wife and I binged on this a month ago after struggling to find a comedy that we would like. Really enjoyed it.


I recorded this on the dvr because Andrea Martin was in the show. It sat unwatched until a couple of weeks ago. The writing is top notch.


Guessing this was a mid season replacement?


Yeah, this is a funny show! Thanks for calling it out @Rock8man

Episode 3, where the mom is patched into the anchor’s earpiece, had my wife giggling well into the next episode.

Definitely a chip off the ol’ 30 rock.



The montage of the drunk crew putting together the show at the end of the Snowmaggedon episode had me laughing so hard.

Also, in the next episode, props to the show from bringing back the song “Here comes the hotstepper”. I haven’t heard that since it was huge in the mid-90s.

EDIT: Also, the book “how to sound Brunette”, I gotta read that book.


‘Oh, wait, I don’t read’

The delivery is perfect.


I’m pretty sure this show is bad but I was really bored this week so I watched the whole thing, then Chuck explained Twitter terms in the finale and it’s the best thing ever.


Think I saw an ad for this, didn’t know Tina Fey was involved. I thought she was still occupied with Kimmy Schmidt. I guess it takes more than one show to build a media empire!


I got through the first 8 episodes on Hulu.


Kinda sucks for Tracey Wigfield. Creates the show, writes for it, acts in it. Tina Fey has an EP credit and gets all of the praise…


Wow, I honestly never knew about Tracey Wigfield, now I’m super impressed. :)