Great opening cinematics of all time

Silent Hunter IV: Wolves of the Pacific.

A brilliant recitation of Milton’s On Time matched to, fittingly enough, a montage of time compressed sequences from the game, with a subtle martial score in the background.

Civilization III

Freespace 2

Sorry to kill your thread.

I actually have a soft spot for Fade 2 Black because it was the first pc game I ever bought.
Frustratingly retarded difficulty kinda ruined getting past the half way point in the game though

Warhammer 40K : Dawn of War
Warhammer : Mark of Chaos

Wing Commander 3 was always one of my favorites.

Perhaps not as in greatest, but great at least:

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver.

The voices, the music … Vampires! So awesome.

I always loved that one too.

In second Fallout and Dawn of War. The Panzer Dragoon intro was great, too. The Syndicate intro sequence certainly didn’t age well because there actually doesn’t happen a lot, but it was really impressive way back. (Too bad they had no budget left for the outro, as some of you may remember. :) )


Another World/Out Of This World was great. The intro for KQVI was impressive for its time, but doesn’t hold up at all today. The lousy voice acting doesn’t help.

The animation for Ultima Online always impressed me a bit. The interactive opening credits for Fate of Atlantis was fun, too.

There have been lots of great opening cinematics. The problem was with the ending cinematics. Flashy open, lame close was kind of the unfortunate standard for a long time.

I second Soul Reaver.

“Raziel, you are worthy!”

Another I liked, if only because of the music, was the Chrono Cross title cinematic thing. It always sends a chill down my spine.

Mechwarrior II. Short, sweet, and awesome.

And the intro to Thief, of course.

Transformers for the Commodore 64. So massive that Activision had to shove it onto a second floppy!

The intro and opening credits of Day of the Tentacle were something I watched repeatedly. Excellent animation, music, and voice acting. Unfortunately, you’d lose the last bit if you only had the game on disks.

Hitman 2 had a very cinematic, very stylish opening. I’m not sure why I like this one so much, considering all that 47 does is pick a tomato and go to confession!

Finally, while it’s not strictly a cinematic, I was really impressed by the semi-interactive opening of Republic Commando, which squeezed so much production values and compelling visuals in just a couple of minutes. Not bad, considering the source material!

I guess Final Fantasy VIII’s isn’t bad either. Liberi Fatali probably deserves a lot of the credit, though.

Freespace 1, Independence War (part 2 is in related videos), Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny (Amiga version). Really, you people make this too easy.

More votes for Freespace 2, Fallout, and Homeworld.

All the other rivaling cinematics I can remember aren’t in the opening.

Interstate '76

Interstate 76 Nitro

Funk it up.

For ‘slideshows’, I’d go with Fallout, Fallout 2, and Homeworld. There’s definitely something classy about a series of ‘slideshows’ preceding fantastic CGI. All three games had a very haunting atmosphere that was set by the intros.

I enjoyed the song and opening from Suikoden 3 (mis spelled?) , also the song intro from MGS 3 was very stylish .

Ooo I love these :)

Freespace 1, already linked to but I looked up the tools necessary to extract the movie I loved it so much. Sends a tingle down my spine every time I watch it, very Bab 5.

Dawn of War and Warhammer: Mark of Chaos both have superb openings (both downloadable) which show CGI at its best in well-plotted shorts.

Starsiege is has a pretty chilling opening, and sets (and the game later maintains) the atmosphere superbly.

Hellgate London has a pretty awesome intro, some dodgy VO, but the bit between ~2:00 and 5:30 (the E3 trailer) is just pure awesome.

I bought I-War on the strength of the love for the opening video… I don’t see it myself. An embarrassingly butch President, and little else to recommend it. Nothing special in pacing, setting or atmosphere.

I’ll second the nomination for Mechwarrior 2. What a great intro to a great game.

Quarantine had a great one.