Great performances

As far as I know, there is not a thread for YouTube or whatever videos of great musical performances - and I felt this needed to be corrected.

Gene Vincent and the Sunlights, “Be Bop a Lula” at Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, 10th October 1963.

The combination of a band that seems straight out of Back from the Future and a pained Vincent is remarkable, exhilarating and a little terrifying.

There are a lot of Small Faces vids on Youtube, but this is one of the few where they’re not lip synching and actually playing live. Fookin’ ‘ell that Marriott had a set o’ pipes.

If the clip above doesn’t set your soul on fire and give you goosebumps, you have no rock and roll in your veins. Go find a thread about Lawrence Welk somewhere.

My wife and I have a recording of Yehudi Menuhin doing Bruch and Mendelssohn. It is absolutely divine.

THe finest performance i ever herad in eprson was by cello performance phd student and UT-austin objectivists club founder benjamin whitcomb playing the Saint-saens concerto (

it was for a recital for all of Phyllis Young’s cellists. Another undergrad and I, also cellists, were standing outside (we had just played our pieces and were wiating for him to finish to reenter the theater) slack-jawed with how amazing it was.

BT on his “Movement in Still Life” tour at 4th and B in San Diego was a surprisignly close second

Try to resurrect this since Rimbo broke the thread:

“You could never be strong, you can always be free; And I’ll never ask for the truth but you owe that to me…”

I was right in front of the stage, desperately trying to stay on my feet for this one; a beer in each hand and a smile inbetween indeed.

Push comes to shove, this is my pick as the best rock and roll performance of all time. If anyone can explain exactly what the hell Moonie is doing on drums during this song, I’d love to hear it, but the whole thing just builds to that masterful climax where sweat is fountaining off the snare drum, Chairman Pete is beating the crap outta his guitar…and it’s just perfect. The Rolling Stones shelved this video for thirty years because Mick and Keith knew The Who blew them off their own stage that night.

You realize that, on top of all of THAT, the amp came unplugged at one point, leaving the vocalist and the drums all on their fucking on for a good twenty seconds?


f youtube; if you weren’t there, it didn’t count

Speaking of Beat Beat Beat, for me it does not get much better than Jimi Hendrix’s appearance on the show. (I hope I don’t derail the thread now.)

I’ve watched that about twelve times and feel really dense for that going over my head. But that makes it all the more phenomenal.

This is a thread for YouTube or whatever videos, though.

Yer Blues, played by a pretty good rock combo.

Ben Folds Five reunion concert.

Let’s get some hardcore up in this bitch!

No Means No - The Day Everything Became Nothing - Germany somewhere, 1990.

Husker Du demolishing Eight Miles High at a Dutch festival, 1987.

And now for something completely different: Edgar Winter playing Frankenstein on The Old Grey Whistle Test. Wild prog performance that starts at cheesy, quickly escalates to absurdity as Winters rocks the percussion, and then round about the six minute mark settles in for some noise-rock that would have made Throbbing Gristle proud. You don’t need to be high to listen to this, but let’s face it, it would help.

Tim Ovens plays J. Cage’s “Sonata X for Prepared Piano”.

Yes, I am that guy.

Yeah… I just saw the title and skipped reading the first post. My bad. my penance

If you’re gonna see Belle & Sebastian live, this looks like the way to do it.

Can - “Sing Swan Song” at the the Bataclan, Paris on 3/22/1973

That thing I say in my next post. I’m drunk.

Dear Fuckwit:

Neu! is not Can. You Can tell by the lack of Damo Suzuki.


this guy

Edit: I see now that you just posted the wrong video. So long as you confess that Can was much better than Neu!, all is forgiven.
And then after that, you must also confess that Faust was superior to Neu!, and may or may not have been better than Can. But Faust wins some sort of points for having done Outside the Dream Syndicate with Mr. Conrad and not even remembering that they did. And then there was the Outside the Dream Syndicate Alive performance, which probably makes them better. All hail Faust. And also Can. I’ll never forget the time I had tickets to see Damo Suzuki with MC Paul Barman opening and then Damo Suzuki didn’t have a visa so his ass got deported back to Germany so I had to see MC Paul Barman give the most disappointing performance of my life. I hope lots of people feel bad.

Lipsynch and fake-playing for tv.

This is the only clip I could find where the Easybeats aren’t just lipsynched:

I was going to post the Neu! originally, but I watched that and the Can performance and concluded that I should post the Can one instead - but I am a moron who cannot proofread. Thank you for calling me out on this.

Thank you for calling me out on this.

Sorry, but you can’t have a GbV “great performance” without Mitch Mitchell.

Edit: Also, one of my favorite performances came from out of nowhere - Ghostland Observatory. I had never heard of them before, but caught them on Austin City Limits and was blown away. This is pretty much how you execute a 2-man rock/pop group.

Probably the best live performance of this song I’ve ever heard (heard it for the first time back in 1992 or so on KNAC in Los Angeles during a segment they had every night called Mandatory Metallica, I still have a tape cassette I recorded of that particular show.). If you’re a fan of Metallica you need to hear it, Creeping Death in Moscow circa 1991: