Great performances

A different kind of Great Performance:

Bebe Neuwirth just blows Catherine Zeta-Jones out of the water.

Probably the best live show ever. Paul Baribeau is 1000x amazing.

Paul Baribeau at Navarre Park

There are very few musicians who do what he does. His entire soul is in his music and song.

He reminds me alot of ‘Neutral Milk Hotel’, you might like the album “In the Aeroplane, Over the Sea”

He sounds a hell of a lot like John Darnielle.

Write it on a postcard, “Dad they broke me”

If “someday” comes early, comes whipping comes whirling…

Here’s The Birthday Massacre playing in Jersey about two weeks ago:

The person filming this is about 2 rows behind me and a bit to my left. I’m the dork that yells “happy birthday” at around 3:26.

This is Discipline at Endless Summer in Germany. It wasn’t the greatest show ever, or even at the festival (I think that was Perkele, but I’m having a hell of a time keeping the years straight). But it was by far the greatest audience. It’s just too bad you can’t really see it in the video.

I will have to check that out, I have gotten plenty of recommendations for that band.

"Calling all in transit…

Oh, REM, what happened to you?


Yeah, that’s some awesome shit!

Here’s The Birthday Massacre again… I think it’s either Buffalo or Baltimore. At any rate, it wasn’t Jersey, but it was just a few weeks back.

It’s one of their softer songs I guess. It’s pretty awesome though… as usual…

I’d call this “cool” more than “great”, but I think it fits here better than the YouTube thread.

Frank Black performs with some Portland School of Rock kids.



13th Floor Elevators performing the seminal garage anthem “You’re Gonna Miss Me”

The Incredible Pop Will Eat Itself ‘perform’ ‘Ich Bin Ein Auslander’ on the Late Late Show circa 1994. Probably not a great performance as such but I love watching that clip.

For context (and the first minute or so of the clip provides some), the Late Late Show is the longest running chat show in the world and for a long time it occupied an important place in Irish society and culture because of the original host’s willingness to confront and explore subjects and topics that were considered taboo in their day.You could have Matt Damon discussing his latest film, followed by a cross-panel discussion about child sex abuse in the Catholic Church. Altough people of all ages tuned in (and still do) to see who was on and what they were discussing there was/is a demographic skew towards the blue-rinse brigade as you can clearly see in this clip.

Of course, all of that makes PWEI’s antics more amusing.

If Yamantaka Eye wasn’t already my hero, he would be after this. The world needs more 7-neck guitars.

Here’s TBM in NYC last year:

Ugh, I’m so infatuated with this band… heh!