Great performances

Okay, one more…


Watch the videos and hush!

As counterpoint, I give you DMBQ. I caught these guys and lady on their inaugural US tour in the same year that the first Comets on Fire album came out. Comets on Fire were doing the sound well, but DMBQ just fucking owned it. Their live show, easily amongst the most intense that I’ve ever seen, just sent them over the top. The drummer cracked a cymbal midway through the show. Without missing a beat, she placed the offending cymbal on her head and wore it for most of the rest of the show. The 35 minute encore eventually found the guitarist on top of a 20’ tall speaker stack, while the singer used the 20 or so of us in the audience to help him to the ceiling, where he hung upside down from the rafters with a contact mike duct taped to his mouth. The drummer, who had lost the cymbal on her head, carried the remainder of her drum set to the front of the stage and proceeded to hand it to the audience, where she and it were held aloft while she played. Honestly, I forget what the bassist was doing.

Sadly, the band was involved in a car accident that killed the drummer two days before they were supposed play here again the following year.

here’s some CSS for you to enjoy:

Hey, I watched the garbage you had to offer, jackass.

And the last one is a music video.

How dare you call this great art I give you garbage.

Have some Shiny Toy Guns and repent, fool:

tiohn, I can’t get into that stuff. Too noisy and not enough melody for me. Oh well… to each their own, right?

Here’s some more good music that I hope brings you to the other side:

MV Carbon has hair like the dudes in your bands, even though she’s a woman.

Yeah, okay that was pretty cool…

Not great, but decent. Here’s something better: (had this bookmarked on youtube but it’s gone, fuck you google)

Radiohead rocks!!!

Three amazing live performances by Radiohead:


One more awesome showing from the Birthday Massacre. The sound is pretty distorted, but otherwise this live performance is pretty incredible as usual:

Man, Chibi is just too sexy!!!

Knights Of Cydonia: Live At Wembley Stadium 2007

Yep, TBM agaiiiiiiiiiiiin:

Ween slays public access television with rock on Halloween.

Not the best recording, but the performance is ridiculous. What a bunch of freaks.