Great PSP application idea

I take the train to work. On monday, I just happened to see if there was any multiplayer wipeout being played, and I found a game with two people and joined it. It was a great time.

Today I looked and no one was playing… then I had an idea. Someone should write an application that scans your area for anyone hosting/playing a game on WiFi and list which ones are being played. Then you could pop in that game and try to join. This would be great for trains, airports, airplanes, mass transit… anywhere you’re at for a long period of time with potential PSP players.

Is anyone seeing PSPs still on the shelves at any stores? I’m thinking about breaking down and getting one.

EDIT: No need to post the “You Click Here” picture, I found the thread.

Heck yeah. I was thinking about that the other day too while waiting in the car for the girlfriend. I pulled out the PSP to see if I could get on any access points. Sure enough I did. Aside a little web browsing with it, really wanted to be able to see if there were any games of Wipeout or Lumines around w/o having to swap UMDs and check.

Sony (or someone!) should release a little app that’s accessable from the menu to scan the area for all available games. Although it seems like a fairly unlikely thing right now (that is, actually finding a local game of X), of course it’s what they want to have happen. They should embrace the idea.

Sony would have to, nobody else can right now.

Penny Arcade has suggested that the DS and Pictochat make a great way to see if nearby PSPers want to play a certain game. :)


Just wanted to post that the link in Reed’s post to web browsing is pretty cool. The guy at GameTab has a fully working portal, and the web browser is reasonably robust. It does things I hadn’t expected it to be able to do, like keep cookies so I can log into sights and such. Of course, there aren’t a ton of web sites made for 480 pixel wide displays these days, but…

So basically a GameSpy Arcade or ASE for the PSP, eh? Im surprised the games don’t have some kind of built-in browser/scanner.

They do, but only for the same game.

They make keychain wifi hotspot detectors… how hard would it be to make one that only detects PSP adhoc signals?