Great review comment

…From their review of MX Unleashed. I’m not normally a big fan (or even a small fan) of IGN’s reviews, but that’s a great observation.

Certainly goes to the head of the class.

Head and shoulders above everyone else.

Way a head of the competition?

With reviews like that IGN is definately headed in the right direction.

I guess “there can be only one” review that good, eh?

I’m afraid this thread is over my head…

I really think we need to head this off before it gets out of hand.

– Xaroc

I’m a pretty nerdy guy. Then I read a thread like this and have a complete identity crisis.


De- lightful! I must doff my
Cap to those who have participated!
I am certain this thread will please this forum’s pun-crushing poten-
Tate 's (for lack of a better word).

Kind of makes you lose your mind, doesn’t it?

Just recognize that it takes a certain special skull to make puns like this.

“What’s that up in the road–a head?

Seriously, how about some kind of heads-up for threads like this?

You guys are giving me a headache.

And I could see all those puns coming like 20 miles ahead.

You’ve got a good head on your shoulders! :lol:

In the future, the Entity should head these threads off at the pass before the deluge of puns.

This thread is heading nowhere.

In the Painkiller demo, I like pinning zombies to the ground with a stake through their head.

See? I said head, so it’s on topic.