Great review comment

Yep. Nothing like giving a zombie a little head to make 'em groan.

Yep. Nothing like giving a zombie a little head to make 'em groan.[/quote]

Some might not like where this thread is headed…

It’s enough to make you lightheaded.

Can’t you all please stop? You’re all too headstrong.

Heads are definitely gonna roll…

I dunno, it seems like it is coming to a head.

That may be because of the nice headstart.

We just aren’t making any headway here.

wow… I’m going to head off and see this review.

You guys are really letting this go to your head. Er, heads.

Well, I want to get a head start on the next thread…

Well, in case you can get hold of mobile games, be sure to check out Mr.Goodliving’s Damage-San as it has a lot of head related jokes. 8)

Wow, I see this thread still has a full head of steam.

Some of us are just not right in the head, thus the puns march ever onward.

We all seem to be losing our heads over this.

I hope The Entity heads this runaway pun-age off at the pass by closing this thread.

Yeah, the head honchos should really do something about this.

We keep this thread up and someone will be making headlines.

Guys, the rest of us wish you would just shut up already.



This head thread is just cheese-y.