Great review comment

I’ve been banging my head against the wall trying to figure out more puns.

I don’t mean to be pig-headed but there’ve been so many duplicate puns already the thread is old before its time.

I’m sure the people responsible are hanging their heads in shame.

Perhaps they’re headed to the library to find more cheesy puns.

Who can Cathcart give head to end this madness?


OK, Jesus Christ’s HEAD!

I always knew a lot of game designers hung out at Qt3.

I never realized they were all Roberta Williams.


Metal health will drive you mad!

This thread is out of control, like a chicken with its head cut off.

You all need to get your heads examined.

It really is a headless blunder.

Still, opportunity knocked. You can’t blame us for losing our heads over it.

What a sad tribute to the headonism of pun nerds!

Man, this thread is like a hydra – try to head off one post and another three just grow in its place.

You’ve just got to pass it off at the head.

Here in the hall of heads
You look through the keyhole
This is the hall of heads
One step through the doorway

Roll out that special head
This is our favorite one
Please don’t try to leave
Don’t leave the hall of heads

Hide underneath the porch
Hide down behind the furnace
You can’t get away
You can’t really hide
Once you hear the call
The song of the hall of heads

You can’t run away
Your feet won’t help you run
You can’t run away
Out of the hall of heads

-They Might Be Giants


Are we done now? Where’s the headsman?

No way man. We’re heading into uncharted territory with this thread.

Well, that last beer just had too much head. I think I’m gonna need to head on over to the head before it’s too late.

(OK, that one was a stretch…)