Great site for managing your Rock Band songs

This makes it really easy to see what songs you have, their difficulty and other info. Easy to print out lists.

I’ve got 302 songs as of today.

Hah. Literally five minutes ago I finished the latest round of edits to my excel spreadsheet and was again wondering why no one was making this easy for me. I’m at an even 250 (assuming no difficulties downloading the three Killers songs when I get home today). Thanks!

NP. The quick add for RB1 and RB2 and albums makes it really easy. I think I’m gonna donate a few bucks.

Ha! 303! And no, I didn’t buy an extra song just to do that. I might go a little higher if I decide to pick up anything from The Killers.

I’m at 324, but I’m pretty sure that I left out 4 or 5. I erred on the conservative side for ones I’m not sure about. I’ll double check this evening.

Excel spreadsheets? You guys are dorks!

In my defense, mine was terrible and I could barely remember how to even sort something. I’m no good at Excel, I swear!

But I had to put together something for parties so I could print out a list. Dropping someone in front of 250 songs with a plastic guitar to navigate and telling them “Pick a song you like!” is a little intimidating, so I’ve been printing out lists before each big get together.

So I notice they’ve added a “friends” feature to the site; I presume it lets you compare song lists and whatnot. I’m ‘Talisker’, if anyone wants to friend me and see :)

Great site. Thanks for the link. 268 since the last purge. Predictably enough, I’m “Lizard_King”.

heh, that’s cool. That was my one recommendation/contribution to the forum there. Glad to see the proprietor got it working.

So, do you have to manually enter your star ratings and scores?

Yep, looks like it.