Great test for Spelling Nazis

Got this one sent to me today:

I got 12 wrong, which surprised me, big time. I’m usually a real good speler.

I got them all.

Got 10 wrong. Was actually surprised at the ones I got wrong.

I got them all. But I would have missed one had I not missed it in a similar quiz in a Sunday newsmagazine in 1995.

Wow got 21 wrong OO, but hey im a native german anyway.

That’s good! I can spell Gesundheit but not Fahrvergnugen.

Hmm, 9 wrong but I suspect I have a cultural excuse. He does say at the beginning that they are American spellings.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure my Canadian (British Commonwealth, as he refers to it) spellings screwed me on a few of them.

Still, it was humbling.

I won’t say how poorly I did. Damned variant spellings.

Good lord I missed 16, including one that was the code name for a product I worked on (“Millennium”). Thank god for spellcheckers.


Only missed “liquefy,” which is a borderline trick entry since my Merriam-Webster’s accepts “liquify” as a variant.


Many of those have variants.

missed 17 but did the test in a short burst while on the phone with a customer…would have only missed…oh…only 15 If I had more time…

Missed 10, but I’m pleading Canadian for at least five of those.

7, also german native speaker.

Though, judgement ist wrong? Is that British spelling? And since when is alright not alright?

I missed three, but two were bogus. “Liquify” and “liquefy” are both accepted spellings (as someone else pointed out), and “coolly” and “cooly” are both legitimate words (with different definitions), so I guessed on that one.

Yeah, same goes with all right and alright, both usable in different settings.


Yep, I got to that and stopped. Is it too much to ask that stickler quizzes get their shit straight?

Missed one, because I’ve never seen it spelled “liaison” before. Or maybe my eye has just jumped that second “i” every single time I’ve seen the word.

Several others are variants I only got right because I know which forms spelling Nazis insist are the correct ones (all right, liquefy, judgment).