Great Trolls in Qt3 History

I’d like to talk about past and present trolls and their reception by the community and the Entity.

I guess it’s easiest to use the banning registry thread to start the discussion, but we have to realize that not all banned posters were trolls (see: Derek Smart) and not all trolls have been banned (popular whipping boys Bob Cherub and Kitsune come to mind).

So… who’s your favorite former troll? Who’s the most irritating current troll? What causes some of them to be banned and others to be allowed to stay? I imagine there’s an invisible line that most trolls eventually cross over.

Theo was awesome, what with his “I have a perfectly good reason for doing this completely crazy thing which I’m not going to tell you but if I did it would BLOW YOUR MIND” schtick.

Koontz is still the gold standard, though.

Considering that Koontz is a for-real crazy who most likely meant every single word he ever wrote, can he even qualify for this list?

I think there are two topics here. P&R trolling is a whole different animal than trolling in the other forums. Heck, I’m guilty of P&R trolling from time to time, just because I love riling up the hive mind.

DKI(ID is the greatest troll to ever live. Can’t remember what name he used here though.

I think it was “Charles.”

I can’t believe it’s taken this long to mention K0NY…

K0NY was to trolling as Mike Tyson was to boxing - love or hate him, you couldn’t ignore him. And just when you thought it was over, he would up the ante. Case in point… his threesome thread.

My favorite K0NY tactic was… “Guys, I was clearly joking.”

You know, I’d totally forgotten that people believed me to be him until you brought this up.

I only post with one account. I’m too forgetful to properly manage two accounts. On top of that, the crappers who frequent Qt3 know I’m not him.

Are DKI and the like still toiling away over on PC? If so, that’s unreal. What a waste.

K0NY was a good one. Bill Huffman was, of course, the king, but he’s like some kind of titan the trolls the whole internet at once, so I don’t know if he counts. Philomath was a winner.

I’d say GIDE0NGAMER for sure, but I think he might have actually be serious.


No idea. Can’t post there from work so I don’t really post.

There hasn’t been a good, old-school troller on here.

I always thought DKI was far too obvious to be a truly effective troll. He was entertaining, but the true masters of the artform leave you guessing as to whether they’re actually trolling or not IMO.

Who the hell is DKI?


Also, I think my favorite troll post ever, if it actually was one, is this one-off gem.

This is the least trolly forum I’ve ever been part of, because Chick hates trolls. (That almost sounds like a bumper sticker.) So this thread is semi-doomed… the very worst trolls never even got membership, Tom could smell the troll-reek coming off of them in waves. And once a troll really gets rolling here, SPLAT goes the banhammer.