Greatest toy collection evar

I bet he gets all the girls.

And then encases them in mylar and puts them on his shelf.

Give me a month in that guy’s room with an Internet connection and an eBay account

That guy has 10x as much shit, easily. AND a woman - as you can tell by the giant My Pretty Pony collection at the end.

That has got to be an absolute bitch to dust.

What’s the over-under on “total number of murders” committed by those 2 guys? It’s like 6, isn’t it.

Come on, that COBRA army is fantastic. The Star Wars Hoth stuff looks uninspired, though. That’s disappointing, considering the effort he went through for some of his collection.

No, he says a ways down that the My Pretty Pony stuff is his wife’s.

No need to tell the world there, SK, especially in a thread about gameless wonders.

It’s still geek-cool to me.

Good call on the Mortal Kombat II machine. If I were a kid in his neighborhood, it would have been an honor to molested by him.

mostly american craptoys. a shame. (transformers are nice though)

toy porn section

All it takes is one careless match, and that lot is like a bunch of different coloured fruit pastilles, all chewed up in your mouth.

Just the myriad of Transformers by itself is insane, but the legions of identical GI Joe characters scare me silly.

That’s what Asz meant, that the guy also has a woman in his life, and not just a toy collection.

Yeah, I misread that.