GreedFall (Spiders/Focus Home Interactive) 2019

Hooray. Looking forward to that more than BG3 :)

10 mins here. Some of which is familiar but some is new. A setting which is a little different, plus AI companions and I’m in :)

Releasing September 10

For those interested in playing this Day One:

You can pre-order on GMG right now for $39.99, which is the lowest pre-order sales price of any of the major sites. You need to use code SAVE20 to get that price, and it’s a limited time offer.

On the other hand… its a Spiders game , think back to Mars War Logs / Technomancer. Might be best to wait for reviews and a sale. ;)

I am cautiously optimistic…

I missed this thread, but Youtube threw a video up at me so the game is now on my radar. Hopefully it’s polished but the devs have a reputation for releasing with a good bit of jankiness in their games.

I might bite day 1, sorta looking for something like this to play.

See I’d buy this and it would show up on Gamepass :/

Wow this definitely looks like something I’ve been waiting for. Thy had me at “Romance, loyalty, and betrayal. Companions play a big role in GreedFall.”
If all is well and what the trailers look like to be - this might fill my giant Dragon Age / The Witcher / Mass Effect sized hole.

My interest is quite piqued as well; especially by the setting and aesthetic. This excerpt from a Kotaku article really gets at why this is initially appealing to me:

Greedfall proved immediately gorgeous to look at. Butler started the demo in a small swampland, where beams of light pierced through gnarled branches. Distant forest trees held sage-colored leaves dotted with faded hues. Teer Fradee felt real, as if I could tell what angle my foot would take stepping on a rock. As Butler gave a brief overview of the area, he mentioned that Spider’s CEO Jeanne Rousseau, the main writer on the game, found herself inspired by Baroque art and Flemish paintings. She also found inspiration in the historical accounts of various explorers and naturalists. Greedfall ’s world design held a specific ethos: to evoke awe and wonder. What I saw, limited as it was, touched upon those feelings. It was a place I wanted to poke at and whose nooks and crannies held promise.

Oh no, that one companion has the ahistoric helmet!

I’m pretty interested in this, but man - this game has some massive pitfalls to navigate, and so far I’m not convinced that it will succeed in that. When you set your game in a clear colonialist setting, but then try to claim that the game is not really about colonialism, it sort of makes me feel that the writer/developer want to have their cake and eat it too (and also haven’t understood that game discourse has moved past the point where it was only graphics and button-mashing that mattered).

It’s an under-used period of history, so hoping it’s good.

Yep thats what I mostly want from a game, an interesting world to explore. Maybe even more so than a good story and combat.