GreedFall (Spiders/Focus Home Interactive) 2019

Played a couple hours, almost cleared the tutorial area. Performance is spotty and the camera control is not great, in particular the sloooow de/acceleration when changing direction and tendency to suddenly snap to greater angles.

But otherwise seems decent enough. Combat is competent (weird long-distance teleporty kicks notwithstanding). Voice acting is pretty good and the quests seem well designed.

Yeah I prefer the JRPG approach to this one, where everyone you can talk to has something of value even if not directly quest-related, like game tips, rumours, or big-picture backstory/lore. And then indicate whether you’ve already heard it, so you don’t click again.

Opinions on pausable combat?

I’ve been using “jank” in general for years! The Arma community knows it well!

It’s handy.

It’s so far one of the better implementations of it I feel. The pause menue is easy and fast to navigate for a concolish UI.

True enough. Still possible to waste millions without it solving any problems…

Honestly, I barely use pause. I have my cooldowns and potions on my hotbar, and I pretty much just roll through most combat now. The only trouble I have is with the bigger creatures that I guess are like bosses. Those are more a matter of learning their attacks, and knowing when to dodge. Otherwise, I’m playing this more like an ARPG.

I found that while you can have up to three pages of 4-slot quick actions, I put the most important ones on the base directional hot keys and then use pause for the rest of it (high end potions for difficult fights). So basically I use the pause to do potions pretty much entirely, but I also like to pause at the start of a fight to ensure I’m using Stasis on the best target.

I tend to feel like the combat encounter was more fun when I’ve used tactical combat a bit, and less satisfying when I don’t.

I completely forgot about the pause feature - would be helpful to use when I run out of mana, just for a quick break while I figure out what to do.

Just realised it was Raven’s Cry this reminded me of. It’s all the tricorn hats.

Discussion of this game has pretty much disappeared since Borderlands 3 launched. Is anyone still playing? I would like to hear people’s thoughts on the mid and late game. At least past the 10 hour gameplay mark.

I’m enjoying it.

The story is interesting and some cool thing have happened.
The combat is alright, but a little easy a lot of the time and the Camera Boss fights with the Leash Boss for who is more annoying occasionally, but overall it’s good times.

I am about 9-10 hours in now and I am still really enjoying it. It doesn’t have quite the same polish as game from a AAA developer with a AAA budget but it does not fall behind that standard by very much. So far it is a big improvement from what I have seen from Spiders’ The Technomancer.

I agree with what Shiva and Tohree said. I am enjoying the game. I am also enjoying the story. It’s interesting actually being a diplomat and convincing people your point of view by talking instead of just bashing everyone’s head in who disagrees with you.

If they made a sequel to this game, it would be an instant buy for me.

The one fault I have, would like to see character advancement be a little faster. You have skills, attributes and abilities to advance, and when you level, you do not get points in all three to use.

I noticed the four other Spiders games are all 55-60 on Metacritic while this is sitting at 75, so that bodes well for them, comparatively. Still number one on Steam too, albeit not against a very strong field.

I hope a sequel’s guaranteed. If Elex can get one surely this can :)

I just started playing this over the weekend but I haven’t been talking about it… So people are still engaged. Played about half of a day on Saturday and I like it. Still on the first island of coarse since everywhere you turn someone else wants you to fix something. But I am enjoying it so far and plan to play more today.

Are people really flocking to borderlands 3? I never played the first ones and I looked at some videos for this one and it just seems way too chaotic for my taste. Or maybe it’s the gfx style.

Yep, it’s pretty great if you like action rpgs. :)

I’m still playing Greedfall as well, though not really far enough to critique. Just got out of the first area after you land on the island.

I’d heard ‘Pirahna Bytes’ invoked so hoped it would be a bit more alive in terms of the world denizens simulation. There is none.

You can go into peoples houses, unlock their chests in front of them, pilfer their valuables, and they’re blissfully unaware. There’s a rudimentary stealth system, but no one seems to care if the person they were just standing next to is suddenly dead.

There’s stuff hidden everywhere, which I like, but that stuff seems to be mostly the same couple of items over and over. I still compusively open everything.

The quests though seem to have some effort put into them. So far most of them have a little twist or complication which is cool.

I think it keeps you a bit city-bound for a bit long at the start, but I’m looking forward to actually exploring the island wilderness now I’m here and have cleaned up most people’s more urban messes!

I’m sure some are, it’s a big franchise with plenty of players looking for “more of the same,” which is what BL3 seems to be. Speaking for myself, as someone long-since burnt out on Borderlands’ shtick, I’ll be skipping that and picking up Greedfall once I’ve got some proper time to put into it.

Nothing I’ve read so far in this thread has interested me until this post. Can you tell me more? Is this an alternative path from combat, or is just that sometimes diplomacy options are made available to you? I enjoy role playing games but I do get tired of all the combat, it would be cool if there were more ‘alternative’ RPGs out there, kind of like The Council.

So it works like this- You have several dialogue options that aren’t combat related for the various quests, particularly the main story ones and to a lesser degree the sidequests. These are primarily gated behind the Charisma and Intuition talents. You can also get some new options based on which characters you have with you at the time in some instances. These are in addition to the ‘normal’ dialogue options you have which may be a bit more binary in nature.

However, just getting from point A to point B is combat heavy still. You can sneak around creatures too but I think it would get tedious as it just seems faster to dispatch them, not to mention they respawn after a set period of time. So it isn’t a combat free experience but you can move through the story bits with very little combat if that is your thing.