GreedFall (Spiders/Focus Home Interactive) 2019

Not sure in what way that is supposed to counter what I wrote.
It still stands and is still true. Just because a blind hen found a corn, doesn’t mean you should use the hen as a guide from now on.

The problem isn’t that they would rate all non-AAA games badly because they aren’t paid (usually indirectly, of course) - the problem is how they rate AAA games, even if they are pretty mediocre at best.

As I said, I simply wouldn’t trust them and at the very least gather more opinions from more trustworthy sites before making decisions.

Having an issue with this where after a while the framerate drops to about 0.2 fps and there’s massive lag on everything. Restarting fixes it, but it’s a long time since I’ve played something that just plain doesn’t work sometimes.

Reinstall drivers? Run a verify on game files?

Hmm. Suppose I should update, you’re right.

I recall reading somewhere that there is a problem with Ultra texture setting that after a while starts degrading performance, maybe it’s your problem?

I’ve changed my settings to High and the fps are pretty consistent the majority of the time.

Thanks, I’ll try that too. Driver update didn’t help…

…nor ultra textures :/

And done…40 hours. I really enjoyed the game, though the end bit was a bit of a slog. I hope this game does well enough for them that they continue to make similar games in the future, and hopefully at this level of quality or higher.

Just finished it yesterday evening as well. Great game. I am going to miss the place and some of the characters. It’s has surprised me many times by upending expectations. Some vistas where absolutely breathtaking and some moments emotional. Well done. I hope it was a financial success for them too so they can create more games in this vein. And now that I am in the flow of their system I’ll try Technomancer again.

I’m probably about 25 hours in and at last I’ve reached a swamp… Hurrah! Now I know it’s a proper RPG.

True. If it was an FPS, you would’ve found a sewer. Well, at least one.

Seems like they are working on improving every time. I plan on grabbing this on what you all are saying here. Plus the world looks interesting --even if colonial. With all the bad that can imply.

And done… 35 hours.

Lots to like, some interesting design approaches. Given Warlogs got a sequel in Technomancer, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Greedierfall in the future.

Some rambling thoughts which might be seen as spoilers…

It’s interesting that it really doesn’t use its big open world in any super engaging way. You don’t discover anything through exploration - the plot adds new areas you can fast travel to. You can’t interact physically with the landscape - there’s no climbing, jumping, swimming… and low obstacles are impassable, so it’s still the old Spiders model of corridors linking open areas. It’s not as awkward to navigate as say The Technomancer, and it looks nice, but it’s just a backdrop for you to trot through on your way to the next chief to click on.

It also looks kind of samey - most of it’s a rocky wooded area, sometimes rockier, sometimes woodier, but generally much the same. Finding some hot springs, or a village of bones are pleasant exceptions. I couldn’t locate anything anywhere in this world if you dropped me back in it - easy traversal, similar scenery everywhere, very efficient quest markers, mandatory fast travel (lots of back and forth) all add up to make the island of Teer Fradee a minor cast member, instead of a star. Which is ok - it wants to tell a story with lots of characters, conversation and negotiation and it does. It’s just interesting that so much effort went into the trappings of an open world RPG when that’s really a secondary aspect of their game. The combat is fine, but not notable, and a lack of variety in the beasties makes it a little bit of a chore as the game progresses too. Fights are short and fluid though, so no problem IMO.

The meat of the game all the various interactions with the new and old inhabitants of Teer Fradee, and that’s so novel and they commit to it so much, that it carries the game. There’s a bit too much click on this guy/click on that guy/you’ve solved it but the diplomat’s perspective is just more interesting than games where you have a less evolved role in the world.


Alistair – overall opinion? You finished it? was it worth it?

Sure. Depends if its strength and weaknesses line up with what matters to you. Thumbs up here.

I can’t watch the trailer right now, but on my phone that thumbnail looks like it’s showing two chicks making out.

so what’s the consensus on the game? Recommended? How open is this game? I am looking for an RPG where the story is not pre-scripted by the developers. Is this it?

This is pretty linear, with some choices along the way, so no.

No, it’s more like Neverwinter Nights or Mass Effect. You have choices but the story is linear.