GreedFall (Spiders/Focus Home Interactive) 2019

This is their best so far :)

Indeed it is… People should go back and play Mars War Logs. ;)

This question will sound like I’m only negative about the game, which I’m not…
What is the big appeal for Greedfall, or Spider games in general?

I’ve been playing, but I’m not sure it is something I should continue playing. It manages to just barely keep me going to the next quest. Like I mentioned above, there is something very appealing about the visuals of the game. It’s not like the writing is great, but there is something ‘just good enough’ about it. Ceetainly better than the writing and dialog by Piranha Bytes. It certainly doesn’t pull me in like some of Bioware’s best stuff - who generally suck me in with their characters. It’s not like the combat is that engaging. It isn’t horrible. A little clunky.

So, for people who have experienced Spider’s stuff before. What makes you keep buying their stuff?

After the game breaking bug in The Technomancer that wouldn’t let me finish the final act, and was never fixed. I end up not buying GreedFall. :)

I liked the Mars setting in their last 2 games, not many games on Mars.

Er. I’ve played all other RPGs? And they have heart :)

Yeah they should because it’s a legitimately good time. A little low budget but quite well rounded and very reminiscent of early 2000s RPGs. Personally I loved it and it’s what made me a fan of Spiders.

Yeah, another vote for The Technomancer here. I’m not really able to describe why I liked it so much, but it struck a chord with me as someone who has abandoned RPGs in general - maybe it’s just as simple as it not being ‘the same old shit’?

Not really relatedly, I also liked Outward, though I got too wrapped up in the ‘preparing to do’ rather than the ‘doing’ aspect of that and burned out on it one mission in to the main quest (after 30 hours).

Need to check out Greedfall at some point.

I’m nearing the end and need to give the crown to someone. I kind of wanted to give it to Derdre because she was the only one to actually try and get it herself and also the colonists have just shown up to take from the island and those who live there. But, game wise my guess is that Duncas has a better ending so I’ll probably go with that. I just have to assume that he will get the colonists to respect the islanders if he is elected, and do it without bloodshed.

Oh come on. Respect your gut feel :)

I would highly recommend Shadowrun: Dragonfall, as someone who’s also mostly written off RPGs. It’s easily in my top 3 single player PC rpgs in the last 20 years. I actually enjoyed it more than the first two Fallout games!

It fixed so many of the issues with the very rough previous Shadowrun game, and the story is top notch. So many decisions that throw true moral curveballs at you, which was an amazing breath of fresh air after 15 years of Bioware/Telltale binary morality staleness.

and geez you can frequently get it on GOG/Steam for $3 on most sales

That’s good to hear. I played Shadowrun Returns, and liked that game quite a bit - so Dragonfall is even better that is good news.

I finished Greedfall (40+ hours) and for half of that I kept asking myself why I’m still playing. I think the answer was that even though the characters and story were somewhat simplistic there was still something about it that wanted me to see it to the end. Still, I’m not sure finishing was the best choice but I don’t fully regret it or anything. I played most of it on hard, but turned it down to normal for the last 5-10 hours - just wanting to finish it.

The biggest problem was all the go, here, talk to this person, travel over here to talk to this person. It was a bit much, even with the fast travel points. This combined with the issue of a lack of variety of enemies, so much of the combat was very repetitive. Also, while much of the game was really nice looking - that too was rather unvaried. This was another game that would have benefited from cutting out the filler and reducing the time required by half.

Dragonfall is SO much better than Returns, I would honestly advise people to just skip Returns and go straight to Dragonfall. It’s not that Returns is bad on its own, it’s just rendered completely obsolete in every department by DF.

Thanks for the recommendation - I’ve actually played both Returns and Dragonfall and really enjoyed both. I feel like I’m a little out of step with the internet in actually preferring Returns - yes, Dragonfall is probably better in every way but I found the missions to be just a tad overlong and a bit of a drag. That may be down to when/where I played it/extraneous circumstances, I dunno.

I honestly can’t remember a single mission from Returns, other than the final area.

There was a warehouse and a market area. :)

Returns was good, and I’ve yet to play Dragonfall or HongKong, I take it both are great from the comments above?

Also I saw @robc04’s review on Steam for GreedFall, seems about spot on for a Spiders game. :)

I haven’t played Hong Kong, but user reviews were overwhelmingly stating it was a big disappointment after Dragonfall.

Uh, both are around the mid to up 80’s rating on Steam. Metacritc for Dragonfall is 87, Hong Kong is 81. That doesn’t sound “overwhelming” or a big disappointment to me.

That’s a decent passing grade. I would give Returns a decent passing grade too, but if I read a bunch of reviews saying Hong Kong was a step back closer to the quality of Returns, I wouldn’t be excited to jump into it.

Hong Kong might be a slight step down compared to Dragonfall in terms of the total package, but it’s absolutely worth your time and attention. And depending on your druthers, some things in it are arguably better.

They should really have just copied the matrix portion from the Genesis game.