Green Chanukah? Is This For Real?

I find this hard to believe. I mean, I know that Chanukah has a load of different spellings:

So it’s hard to find the original news article for this. But I figure something from the Jerusalem Post is a decent source.

I dunno. Is this real? If it is it seems to be a difference between the various levels of Judaism. The Orthodox consider it an attack on their religion. The Reformed types think it’s not such a bad idea. I guess the Conservative Jews are in the middle, where they usually are.

Anyone here heard of it?

Not to get into the actual environmental issues, but the word in the headline is referring to the hanukkah menorah, which is properly called a hanukkiyah. It’s not some weird spelling of the name of the holiday.

I think that’s a silly idea. You’d do more for the environment just by observing the sabbath.

Man, maybe this year I will light one less candle at the sacrificial altar, I mean, less light would make the blood orgy seem more moody.

Even the Reform Jews I know think this is funny in a stupid way.