Green Lantern: Rebirth, Issue 6: One Punch?

Did anyone else find the last issue of the Green Lantern: Rebirth six part series something of a let-down? I’ve never really been a Green Lantern fan, but kind of felt sorry for the character of Kyle Rayner who would be getting the shaft in the forced return of Hal Jordan from the dead.

The first five issues, however, were actually entertaining, though, and the writer seemed to take great pains to not short-change Raynor for Jordan.

But the last issue … It just felt off.

Anyway, the “one punch” …

And then at the end …

I figured it was more a reference to

[color=white]Batman punching out GL Guy Gardner with one punch back in ye olde days of the JLA[/color]
but I’m pretty “eh” on it. John Stewart will stay with the Justice League anyways, so I figure it was more a throwaway thing than anything else. If it makes the fanboys cream themselves, that’s fine.

Personally, I found Guy Gardner saying “Did you see that? One punch!” was one of the most hilarious moments in comic history.

And was Hal part of the group that mind-wiped Bats? I can’t quite remember.

Anyway, the time of confrontation isn’t now, I can accept Batman thinking that.

The problem with that scene isn’t that Batman gets knocked down with one punch (he’s not out, he’s clearly sitting/leaning up in the next panel, stunned) it’s that Batman puts his left hand on Jordan’s right shoulder. Then, Jordan punches him with his right hand. Poor planning in the layout dept. You can come up with a handful of reasons why Jordan could get in a punch on Batman,

I also don’t think Batman is doing anything other than saying “I don’t believe you’re the “old” Jordan, and I never really liked the “old” Jordan anyway, so I’m going to go update my files on how to take you down. Also, I’m not fool enough to take on 5 GLs alone, since I doubt the JLA would back me aside from keeping us apart in order to have us “talk” it out.”

Also, if you assume (which is a reach) that this takes place AFTER the current JLA/CSA/Qward storyline, you could argue that part of his message is “You cosmic order keepers go keep that shit from showing up on earth’s doorstep again.”

Is the choice of words “more light” supposed to be yet another jab at the people who wiped Dr. Light (and also Batman). I’m getting kind of tired of that.

I find the whole concept of bringing Hal Jordan back too stupid for words. He went nuts. He killed the entire Green Lantern Corps (and Sinestro, but nobody really minded that). He became Parallax, the super villain, and tried to destroy the universe in Zero Hour. Then DC made Hal Jordan the Spectre. And now he’s back as a hero and everyone likes him again? Feh. Hey, DC, you were brave enough to change the character in the first place, at least stand by your decision.

And I thought Kyle Rayner was a far more interesting character than Hal Jordan, especially when Grant Morrison was writing him.

Well, it hasn’t been established that “everybody likes him”. Aside from the other GLs, and Green Arrow, there wasn’t really reaction to him at all. I’m sure there will be some of that in the ongoing series.

As for the rest, the crowd has been pretty clearly split into “You’re damn right you’re bringing him back, you never should have killed him in the first place!” and “Oy. Have some stones and leave someone dead for once, you clowns!”

DC has basically said “Yeah, we’re copping out by bringing him back. But the story will be so great you won’t mind!”

Jason Todd, Hal Jordan, Donna Troy (soon), Green Arrow. It’s almost like Marvel.

Oh, on that topic, I’ll agree that this bringing people back shit must end.

That’s why they killed off Sue Dibny! She stays dead, everyone wins!

No, we got Jean Loring as Eclipso, so nobody wins.