Greenland - Leonidas vs Deep Impact

Will it be as turn-your-brain-off fun as 2012? We can only hope.

I am so in.

So an abridged Lucifer’s Hammer?

I almost got a Melancholia vibe there for a minute, but I guess this is going in a different direction?

Just watched it. Its definitely not a Geostorm like dumb action movie. Similar to Deep Impact with lots of screaming people. Its portrayal of human anarchy seems pretty realistic…

Can’t say its a great film, but it was diverting for evening. The pandemic is pretty horrible, but at least its not wiping out 99% of the planet!

I really enjoyed Deep Impact, so I’m tempted by this. Especially since it’s getting good reviews.

I saw this about two months ago. Yeah, I’d say it’s a serviceable disaster movie, but watchable. Nothing groundbreaking, mostly by the numbers. It’s more grounded than let’s say Geostorm and the tone of it is pretty much comparable to Deep Impact. Unlike your usual Emmerich movie or Armageddon, there’s no attempt to add levity with comic relief/stereotype characters.

This movie is wildly implausible. At a certain point, Gerard Butler says he weighs 180 pounds and the person he says it to believes him. As if.


Fat shaming, Tom. That’s not like you. :)

I mean, the dude does have an admitted eating disorder…


Gerard is NOT fat. He’s a burly 6’2" Scotsman. And one hell of a loveable one at that! But if he tried to get on my overloaded plane and he told me he only weighed 180, I’d laugh in his face. Even 300 Gerard.


Woof, this looks like a dumb movie to watch when I’m home on my own, but I have 2 young kids now and don’t know if I can watch these Family in Peril movies.

I’ll stick with Godzilla: King of the Monsters which was so egregiously stupid my brain leaped out of my mouth to strangle me while watching. Can’t get messed up by Family Peril when every character is terrible!